All About Rushcard Loans

Shopping around for a loan or a bank that allows you to overdraft can be stressful. Comparing interest rates and other features can take a long time. 

Once you make your choice, how do you know it’s the right one?

Whether you’re looking for a cash advance, loan, or card that allows overdraft, your options can be endless. What factors should you consider? 

If you are looking into RushCard as a solution for a loan or overdraft card, you may want to think again.

In this article I will cover RushCards services and the options they offer for those looking for a loan. I will also go over alternative options to allow you to compare. 

Keep reading to learn more. 

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Does RushCard Offer Loans

Simply put, no. RushCard does not offer any kind of loan or overdrafting features. RushCard is not a traditional bank and does not offer any services which could impact your credit score. 

This means your credit score cannot be leveraged to take out a loan. So, the only option now is to consider alternatives. 

Can I Use My RushCard To Get A Loan 

If you cannot get a loan from RushCard themself, can you use your RushCard to apply for a loan from another company?

Great question!

The answer, Yes!

In researching this article, I found a website that claims to offer loans for individuals with a RushCard. The application process is said to be quick and simple. The decision can come back in as little as two minutes.

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They offer a payday loan that can allow you to access your paycheck earlier. 

Take a look at the site here.

What Are Alternative Loan Options

An alternative may be to look at a loan or cash advance from banks associated with RushCard or another bank entirely. 

MetaBank offers lines of credit and closed end installment loans for customers. You can set up an account and apply for a loan. Or call MetaBank to speak to an advisor. Call 866 550 6382 to learn more. 

You can also apply for loans at these links: 

  1. Apply For A Loan With SkyCap Financial
  2. Apply For A Loan With Mogo
  3. Apply For A Loan With Presto Cash

RushCard Customer Service And Contact Information

RushCard customer service can be reached at (866) 787-4227, or you can contact them online. Visit to contact RushCard online or get information to mail them. 

You can also contact RushCard through email and/or set up RushTEXT Alerts. RushTEXt alerts will send you a notification when purchases, deposit, or withdrawals are made on your account. 


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