How To Add Money To My Chime Visa Debit Card [Learn The Facts]

If you are here to find out how to add money to your Chime Visa Debit Card, how it works or wonder the reasons associated with what to do or what details are needed or who to call to remedy your questions to the best extent possible, then perfect! You have found the right article.

In this article, I will talk about facts that you need to know to help you out and benefit you the most that you can.

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About Chime

Banking Services for the Chime Visa Debit Card are provided by The Bancorp Bank or The Stride Bank, N.A.; both are Members of the FDIC. 

The Bancorp Bank is the Bank that issues the Chime Visa Debit Card.

This company provides lower-cost options that have created a more competitive market by partnering with regional banks and charging much less than traditional banks.

The Chime company doesn’t have to rely on fees concerning minimum balance fees, monthly service, overdrafts, or other consumer fees to operate. Thus appealing to many consumers.

Chime Bank is an alternative to big banks like Citibank and Wells Fargo. Chime Bank works through a mobile app and doesn’t charge you any fees. Chime bank was founded in 2014. In 2018 Chime had 1M customers, and in 2019 it grew to 4M users. 

In December 2019, the company had 6.5M accounts. It looks like people like it! Chime is a real alternative to traditional banks. Chime is not checking you in ChexSystems. If you have marks in ChexSystem – you may have a tough time opening an account in most banks. A mark that you got a few years ago can affect your finances for a long time. Chime is second chance banking.

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Open a Chime Debit Card Account

If you don’t have a Chime Debit Card Account and wish to do so, simply click this link to apply at

When you register with Chime, they only ask you very few questions: Name, SSN, and you will need a mailing address to receive a Debit Card. 

There is no need for an initial deposit. Imagine you started a new job, and your employer asks you where you want to receive your direct deposit? At big banks, you will need to deposit at least $25 or $50. Some people don’t have an extra $25 lay around. 

This Bank can literally save low-income people from a lot of not-needed troubles. 6M customers are not a coincidence. 

At Chime, a checking account has another name – a spending account. You may ask – does it mean there is no checkbook? There is no physical checkbook, but there is a virtual checkbook – “Chime Checkbook.” You can write a check, and Chime will mail it on your behalf. There is no limit on the number of checks, but there is a limit of $5k per check and $10k in a calendar month. 

More Features

Chime usually promotes itself with the “Get Paid Early” feature. This is a feature that literally gives you access to your paycheck up to two days earlier than in other banks, which is good if you live from paycheck to paycheck. But you have to build an emergency fund. 

There is a feature called Mobile Payments. When your friends and family use Chime – you can transfer money to their accounts. It is a Peer 2 Peer system. It also has a limit of $2k. 

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Chime has Visa Debit Card, the debit card at over 38k fee-free MoneyPass, and Visa Plus Alliance ATMs. The card has an EMV chip for additional security.

Chime has two automatic savings options. When you use the Visa Debit Card, your purchase can be rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the change will go to the savings account. You will not save a fortune this way, but it is better than nothing. You can save when you get paid.

Chime can automatically transfer some portion of your money to your savings account. Saving is a crucial part – you must have an emergency fund. APY on the savings account at Chime is 0.01% it is way lower than at similar online banks.

Deposit Cash to Your Chime Card at Green Dot Locations 

Have you ever wondered how to deposit Cash money to Chime Debit Card? For example, a green dot location can be found at your local 7-Eleven or over 90,000 retail locations like Walmart or Walgreens. If you Google a green dot location, you can find the nearest available outlet nearest you. 

You are allowed to make up to 3 Deposits every 24 hours to your Chime Visa Debit Card Account. The total you can deposit is up to $1,000 every 24 hours and a maximum of $10,000 every month. The fee to do this is up to $5 fee per deposit.

When you arrive at a retail store, simply: 

  • Go to the cashier and state your purpose to the cashier. 
  • The cashier will ask for your Chime Debit Card and swipe the card.
  • The cashier will collect the desired amount of money you wish to deposit plus a $5 fee.
  •  The Cashier will of course then give you a receipt showing your transaction. 
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You will then also receive a notification from your Chime Debit Card account in approximately 5 mins.

Phone App Adding Another Card Account To Your Chime Account

  1.  Log in to your Chime online account at  or Open Chime App on your phone.

(If you don’t have a phone app for Chime, you can download by clicking here.)

     2.   Click Move Money (the bottom icon on your phone app.)

You will see a couple of options such as:

  • Direct Deposit 
  • Depositing a check 
  • Depositing cash at an ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
  • Transferring from another Bank Account or Card Account.

    3.   Click Transfers

The app will say add money from an external account, and at the bottom of the app, you can see it says link your external account.

Chime uses Plaid to link your Bank details and is secure. Plaid is a large company that allows you to connect your banks instantaneously, so you don’t have to worry about all the details. 

There will automatically be a list of the most popular Banks to choose from, or you can type in the Bank that you wish to utilize.

  • Enter the login credentials for your other Card or Bank accounts, such as email and password.
  • Plaid will then verify your information.
  • Then choose the account you want to have set up.

(The Card account you have will then be instantly linked to your Chime Visa Debit Account.)

This will allow you to then be able to transfer money into your Chime Visa Debit Account

Contact Chime Visa Debit Card Account Customer Support

If you are having trouble using or depositing money onto your Chime card, 

then contact Chime Support at 844-244-6363.