Chime Card Overdraft Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Are you here in order to learn a little about facts associated with why my Chime Visa Credit Card Fee-Free Overdraft protection and what the details are all about for your account protection or wondering what number to call and how to use this Chime Visa Credit Card to the best extent possible, then perfect! You have found the right article.

In this article, I’m going to give you all the Chime Visa Credit Card facts about overdraft protection that you need to know about so that I can help you out with using your card and benefiting the most.

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Chime And Overdrafts

At Chime and including the banking partners is not like traditional banks. Chime does allow your account to overdraft without any fee to you up to an overdraft of $200. Chime has this available through their SpotMe feature with no fee to participate, and no linking of your Savings Account to your Chime Spending Account is needed.

Whether you make an overdraft only one time or 20 times as long the overdraft is within your SpotMe limit. Otherwise, if you try to make more than your limit purchase, the transaction will be declined. You can always check your limit quickly through your Chime phone app.

With SpotMe, you don’t have to pay fees for certain transactions that overdraw your account. The amount you can overdraw starts at $20 and may go up to $200. To cover an expense when you need a little extra cash, SpotMe can help.

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Chime Overdraft And How It Works With SpotMe

You cannot overdraft your Chime Card without direct deposit as Chime offers an overdraft facility through the SpotMe option only, which requires you to have a minimum direct deposit of at least $200 in your Chime account in the last 34 days. Your limits will be determined by account activity and history by Chime.

The direct deposit will need to be made by a payroll provider or employer, government benefits payer, or gig economy payer. If the payment is by gig economy, the payment must arrive as an ACH (automated clearing house) transfer, and any gig economy instant payouts do not qualify.

Once you have qualified, you will be notified by Chime to then enroll in the Chime phone app. After your enrollment and you make a purchase that is more than your balance, Chime will spot you up to the limit determined by Chime and will appear in your Chime mobile app. 

Also, your SpotMe limit will appear in your Chime mobile app after you get your qualifying direct deposit.

Next, all you will need to do is to agree to the terms and conditions to start using SpotMe. Your negative balance will then be adjusted when your next direct deposit is made into your Chime Spending Account.

SpotMe Overdraft Limits

Chime SpotMe is an optional, no-fee service. When you overdraw your account and SpotMe covers you, the overdrawn amount gets deducted from the next deposit or transfer of funds that arrive in your Checking Account, regardless of the source. 

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You’ll never be charged fees or interest for using SpotMe. When you use SpotMe, you can also leave a tip to help Chime expand and improve the feature. Whether you tip or not does not affect your SpotMe eligibility or limit.

SpotMe allows you to make your credit card purchases even if it’s over your limit by overdrawing your account and still has no overdraft fees.

The limits will start at $20 and can have increased limits that are up to $200 overdraft protection which is based on member’s direct deposit frequency and the amount and on member’s Chime Account history and checking activity and other risk-based factors.

To make this possible, of course, you would need to maintain your account record in excellent condition.

Simply maintain a good balance, keep receiving money through direct deposit, and automatically increase your limit.  Chime Member Service agents cannot increase your SpotMe limit for you.

SpotMe Boosts

Your SpotMe limit starts at $20 and may go up to $200 depending on your account activity and history, as well as other risk factors. Receiving bonuses and Boosts from friends on Chime can temporarily increase your SpotMe limit.

SpotMe Boosts let you temporarily raise your friends’ SpotMe limits by $5. To send a Boost to a friend:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Go to the Friends screen.
  3. Tap SpotMe Boosts.
  4. Finally, search for a contact and then tap Send $5 Boost next to the friends’ name.

(SpotMe Boosts allow you to send or receive up to 4 Boosts monthly. Boosts will be good until the first day of the following month, and only one Boost can be sent per friend monthly.)

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SpotMe Allowed Purchases 

SpotMe covers:

Debit card purchases

Cash-back transactions

ATM withdrawals

SpotMe doesn’t cover:

Any Direct debits that are automatic bill payments from your Checking Account.

Pay Friends transfers.

No transfers to apps like Venmo and Cash App are covered.

Chime Checkbook transactions.

SpotMe Steps To Get Started 

In your Chime mobile app:

  1. Open the Settings Tab
  2. Find out if you’re eligible for the SpotMe feature (make sure you have the latest mobile app version)
  3. Agree to the SpotMe Terms and Conditions.

Then you will be officially enrolled in SpotMe.

After SpotMe enrollment, you will now be able to make purchases with your debit card with overdraft protection of your Chime Spending Account up to your limit, of course.

When your next direct deposit is made into your Chime Spending Account, your negative balance will then be adjusted with no overdraft fees applied ever.

Steps To Get Chime Account Phone App 

Log in to your Chime online account at or Open Chime App on your phone.

(If you don’t have a phone app for Chime, you can download it by clicking here.)

Contact Chime Account Team Member Customer Support

To get in touch with a Chime team member.

  1. Contact Chime Support at 844-244-6363.
  2. You can also email Chime at
  3. Or log in to your Chime account at and follow the directions.
  4. Or log in to your Chime account and use the Chatbot Feature.