My Direct Express Card Has Expired - What Do I Do?

What Is The Expiration Date Of My Direct Express Card?

Like all debit cards, your Direct Express card has an expiration date. The card needs to be renewed every few years for fraud prevention.

Your card’s expiration date is marked on the front of the card in the following format: mm/yy. For example, 04/21 means that your card is valid through April 2021. Note that your Direct Express card can be used until the last day of the expiration month.

How To Order A Replacement Card

There is usually no need to order a replacement card. Direct Express will automatically mail you a new one a few weeks before the expiration date of your existing card. 

If your card has expired and you haven’t received a replacement card in the mail, you should call Direct Express customer service at the number listed on the back of your card. You will be asked to confirm your mailing address. If Direct Express mailed you a replacement card to the correct address and you didn’t receive it, they will cancel it and issue a new one.


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How Do I Make Payments If My Card Is Expired?

Once your Direct Express card expires, you can no longer use it to make payments. You have to wait for the new card to arrive and activate before you can pay for purchases. Any automatic payments that pull from your expired Direct Express card will also be declined.

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If you need to have your replacement card as soon as possible, you can request Direct Express to ship your card via FedEx or UPS for an additional fee.