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What Is Direct Express?

The Direct Express Debit MasterCard is a prepaid debit card that is used as an electronic payment option for federal benefits recipients who don’t have a bank or credit union account. 

The following federal benefit programs are eligible for Direct Express debit MasterCard:

  • Social Security
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Railroad Retirement Board
  • Office of Personnel Management
  • Department of Labor (Black Lung)

Even if you already have a bank account, you may choose to receive your federal benefits on the Direct Express card. 

Direct Express Account Benefits

There is:

  • No credit check, 
  • No minimum balance requirement for the card, 
  • No sign-up fees, and, 
  • No monthly account fees. 

You can be assured that your money is safe, as the funds in your account are FDIC-insured up to the legal limit.

Benefits Direct Deposited Into Direct Express Account

When you sign up for the Direct Express card, instead of receiving a check in the mail, your money will be automatically deposited to your card account on payment days. 

You can choose to receive an email or text message alert to let you know when your federal benefit payment has been deposited on your Direct Express card.

You Can Use Direct Express Like Any Other Debit/Credit Card

With your Direct Express card, you can make purchases online and at all stores that accept debit MasterCard. You will get cashback just like you do with any other card. 

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In addition, you can buy money orders from the U.S. Post Office and withdraw cash from ATMs that display the MasterCard sign anywhere in the world. 

It is possible to pay bills with your Direct Express card, too, as long as the company you are paying accepts debit MasterCard. 

There are no fees for online bill payments through the Direct Express account.

Is Direct Express A Checking Account?

Yes and no.

As with a checking account, you can have your federal benefits automatically deposited into your Direct Express account.

However, Direct Express accounts differ from traditional checking accounts in that they don’t allow you to add additional money to your account.

Also, you cannot arrange bank drafts using your Direct Express checking account and routing numbers like with a regular checking account. You must set up auto-drafts using your Direct Express 16-digit card number.

Cannot Use Paper Checks

Additionally, Direct Express does not offer or allow users to write paper checks. In other words, Direct Express is a checkless checking account. In our experience, most users like not worrying about checks and prefer to do all business with a card anyway.

You can, however, transfer money from your Direct Express account to any personal U.S. bank account, including a checking or savings account with a bank or credit union. 

For each transfer from Direct Express into another bank account, a $1.50 fee will be deducted from your Direct Express card account.


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How Do I Get A Direct Express Card?

If you are currently receiving federal benefit payments and would like to sign up for a Direct Express card, you have two choices. 

You can either: 

  1. Call the Direct Express dedicated card enrollment toll-free number (800) 333-1795, or, 
  2. Visit your local federal paying agency like the Social Security Administration branch for assistance.

Once you sign up, Direct Express will notify the federal paying agency that you have a Direct Express debit card account. It will provide all the information they need to send your benefit payments.

After you have received your Direct Express card in the mail, call the Direct Express card customer service number listed on the back of your card to activate the card. 

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions on the Direct Express website to sign up and create a new user.

When you have completed the enrollment, your federal benefits payment will start arriving on your direct deposit account on the scheduled payment dates. 

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Direct Express Card In The Mail?

When you sign up for the card, Direct Express will verify your information to make sure that you are receiving federal benefits. 

After your eligibility is confirmed, the card will be mailed to your address in 7-10 business days.

How Do I Add Money To My Direct Express Card?

The Direct Express card only accepts funds paid to you by the federal government. 

It is not possible to deposit personal funds onto the card. 

The only exception is the returns for purchases made with the card or the Direct Express PayPerks Program prizes.

You can transfer funds from your card account to a personal U.S. bank account. 

Can I Overdraw My Direct Express Card?

Direct Express is a debit card, which means that you can use it as long as you have funds in your account. 

Purchases, withdrawals, and transaction fees are immediately deducted from your balance. 

Once you’ve spent or withdrawn your entire account balance, you will have to wait until your next month’s benefits are paid to use your card again.

If the card has insufficient funds, the payment will be denied. 

However, there is one exception: 

  • It is possible to overdraw your Direct Express account if you use your card to pay for gas. 

When buying gas with your Direct Express card, therefore, it is advisable to go inside the gas station and pay with the attendant.

There are no overdraft fees with the Direct Express debit card.

How Do I Check My Direct Express Account Balance?

To check your account balance, you can either: 

  1. Call the toll-free customer service number on the back of your card, 
  2. Visit the Direct Express website, or, 
  3. Use the Direct Express app. 

Checking your account balance is free.

Direct Express gives the option of signing up for alerts for low balance. 

This can be a good option if you plan to use the card to make automatic online payments, such as for regular utility bills. 

Alerts will also allow you to get a warning if your card or account becomes compromised or is used fraudulently.

How Do I Find My Account And Routing Number For Direct Express?

Direct Express does not make account numbers and routing numbers for their cards publicly available.

You can still use your Direct Express card to pay bills online as long as the company processes the payment like a credit card transaction. 

Must Accept Card Number To Auto-Draft And Bill Pay

That means that they will ask for your card number, expiration date, and CVV number. If the company can only accept payment with a checking and routing number, you won’t be able to pay with your Direct Express card. 

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In case you would like to set up online bill payment using your Direct Express card, it is advisable to first check the company’s website and see what information they will need.

You can obtain any other account information by calling the Direct Express customer service toll-free number on the back of your card, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at (888) 741-1115.

You can also view your account information on the Direct Express website or the Direct Express mobile app. 

How Do I Contact Direct Express Customer Service?

If you have any questions about your Direct Express card and would like to speak with a customer service representative, you can call customer service toll-free at the following numbers:

  • Customer Service: (888) 741-1115
  • Hearing-impaired: (866) 569-0447

When calling the Customer Service department from outside the United States, dial

  • 1 (765) 778-6290 (collect). 

If you already have a Direct Express card, you may call the Direct Express card toll-free customer service department number indicated on the back of your card.

The customer service will answer all your inquiries related to:

  • reporting a lost or stolen card
  • your account balance 
  • PIN changes
  • transaction history requests
  • registering a complaint about a card issue
  • questions about card use
  • questions about international card use

Direct Express customer service handles calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They offer support in English and Spanish through the automated telephone service or customer service representatives and provide real-time free interpreter services in several other languages.

How Do You Speak To A Live Person At Direct Express?

If you are a Direct Express cardholder and wish to speak to a live person at Direct Express customer service, you should first dial one of the customer support toll-free numbers:

  • Customer Service: (888) 741-1115
  • Hearing-impaired: (866) 569-0447
  • International: 1 (765) 778-6290 

As soon as you get through, choose option 3 and you will be connected to a live person you can talk to.

It is worth keeping in mind that hold times can be very long and may take 30 minutes or more of waiting time before you are able to talk to a live person.

What Bank Is Associated With Direct Express?

The bank the Direct Express card uses is serviced by Comerica Bank based in Dallas, Texas. 

Comerica Bank is the financial agent of the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the issuer of the Direct Express Debit MasterCard.

How To Change Direct Express Address?

If you change your address, you should call the Direct Express toll-free customer service number indicated on the back of your card. 

You will have to notify the federal paying agency separately about your new address. 

Direct Express does not provide this information to federal agencies.