Direct Express Lawsuits [Have You Heard About These?]

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Today, I’m going to describe more about several Direct Express lawsuits, plus answer some questions some visitors have about lawsuits against US Direct Express.

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Why Is Direct Express Receiving Lawsuits?

Many are losing hope in the Direct Express card these past few years to receive their Social Security benefits because of so many complaints of people having difficulty withdrawing their money. 

In fact, the BBB says there were 771 complaints concerning Comerica Bank in just 3 years. So many that a class action lawsuit was filed.

This federal class-action lawsuit alleges thousands of victims concerning fraud that had previously made claims and was continually denied. 


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According to the lawsuit filed in San Antonio…see Also Reference:

All About Direct Express Lawsuits

The federally funded Direct Express has been under rigorous scrutiny because of fraudster criminals illegally using cards and draining the accounts of money that do not belong to them.

Not only does this come as a shock, but total disregard by Comerica in blatantly not alerting the victims of accounts being hacked. Many instances were waiting months to alert only a few of the victims to restore their benefits, leaving most of the accounts at a tragic loss to the main source of their income.

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Letters were sent to the Social Security Association and Comerica, and the Veterans Administration by United States Senator Elizabeth Warren concerning security breaches that resulted in hundreds of victims losing their benefit payments by fraudulent ways of stealing their money and what Comerica intends to do as a solution. 

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Warren was alarmed at the reports regarding a company that got Federal money to operate but its failure in areas concerning:

  • lack of security for the card
  • lack of solutions to the security breaches reported
  • customer service inordinate replies of misleading and even cruel treatment to Americans
  • lack of honesty towards the real picture concerning the security breaches to Americans

Results Thus Far In The Long Direct Express Lawsuit 

After a long debate in courts for 2 years, the Treasury Bureau granted another 5-year contract to Comerica as the federal government has set high standards to be met by:

  • Extensive Customer Service rules towards reporting
  • Reducing fees concerning DE card fees
  • Lowering costs to the government to operate compared to the former contract

What If I Have A Complaint, How Can I File It Against Direct Express?

Comerica Bank as you know issues and is the contractor of your Direct Express card, but the owner of the Direct Express card program is the United States Department of the Treasury. 

If you are tired of waiting concerning your problem about your card and are not getting a solution to your complaint or are unable to, then you can file a complaint directly to the Department of the Treasury by emailing them at

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Remember to never leave your personal information because the Department of the Treasury can’t help with specific questions about your card, and stick to the facts of the complaint as best you can.