Direct Express Card Locked? [Here's How To Unlock It]

If you are here for help about facts associated with the Direct Express SS Debit Card because:

  • Your Direct Express card is locked, 
  • You’re wondering what number to call, or, 
  • What the details are all about or why this happened, 
  • That’s perfect, you have found the right article!

What I’m going to do in this article is give you all the Direct Express facts that you need to know about your card so that I can help you out with using your card and benefiting the most.

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Why Is My Direct Express Card Locked?

Unfortunately, you cannot unlock your Direct Express card online. 

If your Card has been locked for whatever reason; you will need to call Direct Express customer service at 888-741-1115.

Customer service will verify your identity and then unlock your Card, which you can then use immediately.

Here’s the phone number to call:

888-741-1115 or 800-606-3311.

Understand that your Direct Express card may be locked because Direct Express may have noticed or suspected fraudulent activity on your Card. 

Fraudulent or suspicious activity may come because of multiple attempts to use your Card to make a purchase.


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Why Would I Put A lock On My Direct Express Card?

The best reason to put a lock on your Direct Express card is that you have misplaced your Direct Express Debit Card. 

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For the security of your card and to prevent unauthorized transactions or ATM withdrawals while you look for it, the best plan of action is to put a lock on it. 

To lock the card you can go online at or call This can only be done by you can lock it by logging online at or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-606-3311 or 1-888-741-1115