Direct Express Card Review [Get The FACTS]

Most likely you’re here today because you’re considering getting a Direct Express card to deposit your Social Security Retirement, or your Supplemental Social Security income.

You want to know more about how Direct Express cards work so you can get a good idea if how the program works is best suited for your personal financial goals.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve found the right article!

I’m going to describe: 

What Is A Direct Express Card?

What exactly is a Direct Express card? 

The best way to think about a Direct Express card is that it is a checkless checking account where retired and disabled people receive their federal benefits. 

Basically, it’s very much like a checking account debit card! 

You can use the debit card anywhere that accepts MasterCard, but since you cannot use checks with Direct Express, you must use the card to pay all your bills.

Why You May Need A Direct Express Card?

Social Security nowadays requires all federal benefits to be deposited in some kind of account. And a lot of people deposit their money the old fashioned way in a bank account.

With the Direct Express card, it makes life a lot easier for those who cannot or will not open a standard checking or savings account.

Who Can Get A Direct Express Card?

If you receive federal benefits, you’re likely eligible to get a Direct Express card. 

For example, most reading this article receive federal benefits such as Social Security Retirement, Supplemental Social Security, or Railroad Retirement.

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Direct Express Card Benefits

There’s a few benefits to the Direct Express card that a lot of people like. 

For example, there is: 

  • no credit check, 
  • no minimum balance, and, 
  • because you don’t use checks, since they’re not even available with Direct Express, there’s no worries about bouncing a check and having to deal with an overdraft fee. 

Further, Direct Express is designed to be a safe and simple way to get electronic deposits of your federal benefits, without the hassle of using a traditional bank account.


  • Learn all the info about Direct Express Routing Number.
  • Get all the facts here on what to do when your Direct Express card is lost.

How To Open A Direct Express Account?

There’s two different ways to get started: 

  1. If you’re already getting federal benefits: Call 803-333-1795 to set up a Direct Express card. From there, you can transfer your federal benefit deposits to automatically deposit monthly in your new Direct Express card. 
  2. If you’d rather do this in person: Go to your local Social Security administration branch, and they’ll be glad to assist.
  3. If you prefer to enroll online: Go to

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