How To Find A Netspend ATM Near Me

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for the nearest ATM to use with your Netspend card.

We have all the details on this new financial institution that many people are interested in, including how and where to find the best ATMs near you. You will also learn about all of the different methods you may access money from your prepaid card.

Continue reading to learn where the nearest ATM is and how to choose the ideal one for your Netspend card.

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How To Find A Netspend ATM Near Me?

The fact is you can use a Netspend card on any ATM that accepts Visa or MasterCard.

Some ATMs near you may charge you a fee, while others will enable you to withdraw money for free. However, bear in mind that some Netspend payment plans will charge you a fee for withdrawing funds from any ATM.

You can use one of numerous ATM locators on your phone or laptop to find the nearest ATM to your location. This is primarily determined by the banks in your immediate vicinity and your current location.

But does this mean you should use any ATM you find?

Keep on reading to find out more details.

Does Netspend Have ATMs?

No, Netspend does not have its own ATM network. You can use any ATM that accepts your card instead of company ATMs.

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Most consumers are accustomed to utilizing ATMs that are exclusive to their banks in order to decrease withdrawal costs. However, if you have a Netspend card, you may use it at any ATM in the United States and abroad that takes Visa and MasterCard.

What ATM Can I Use To Withdraw Money From My Netspend Card?

You may withdraw money from Netspend using any ATM; simply find one near you that accepts the card and enter your PIN.

While Netspend is usually used as a standard debit card for paying for goods and services, many users desire to withdraw cash. 

Keep in mind that with all of the fees, this might be more expensive, and you could get a better deal if you pay by swiping your card.

How To find A Free ATM For Netspend?

Some ATMs, such as MoneyPass, Allpoint, or MetaBank, will allow you to withdraw funds from the Netspend without incurring a premium.

Keep in mind that Netspend may still charge you for each withdrawal, so the easiest option to save money is to pay with Netspend straight at the cash register.

If you require a free ATM for Netspend, follow these steps:

  • Go to on your phone’s browser.
  • Enter your ZIP code in the Locations box in the upper right corner.
  • This will show you all of the ATMs in your area.
  • Choose an ATM and withdraw cash with your Netspend card.

As you can see, Netspend makes it simple to have cash in your hands with only a few clicks.

How Much Can You Withdraw With Netspend on ATMs?

Many individuals are inquiring where they might find an ATM where they may withdraw more than $1,000. The answer is that you won’t be able to locate that ATM since Netspend has a daily restriction of $940 on ATMs.

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Furthermore, each withdrawal is restricted to $325.00, and you can make up to six withdrawals in a 24-hour period.

While this may be frustrating for some customers, bear in mind that it is more than double the maximum of comparable prepaid cards.

How To Withdraw Money Free Of Charge From a Netspend Card?

With a Netspend card, you may cut your spending in a few ways. You can avoid the cost by employing one of the following methods:

Use ATMs 

As previously stated, you can withdraw funds from your account without incurring fees by using MetaBank ATMs, MoneyPass ATMs, or Visa Plus Alliance ATMs.

Remember that Netspend will charge you $2.50 for every domestic ATM transaction and $4.95 for international withdrawals. This is why it is advised that you remove a larger sum of money rather than a series of smaller sums.

You will save money on each withdrawal as a result of this.

Use as Debit Card

One of the most cost-effective ways to use your Netspend card is at stores, just like a standard debit card. You can pay for products and services simply by swiping your card, with no additional fees.

Exchange with a friend

You can always ask your friends for a favor if you need money. Simply deposit the funds to their Netspend account, and they will provide you with cash without any expenses.

Where Else Can I Withdraw Money from Netspend?

There are several ways to withdraw money from Netspend, however, most of them come with a cost. 

You can acquire money from Netspend by using one of the following methods:

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Many banks will enable you to withdraw money from your Netspend account over the counter for a charge. This is also a terrific method to acquire additional cash because the limitations are significantly greater than at traditional ATMs.


Walmart is only one of the most prominent retail establishments that will let you withdraw cash from your Netspend account, but there are many others. The cost is normally $3.75 for every withdrawal, so make one large cashback rather than several little ones.


We indicated that you can withdraw cash from your Netspend account at free ATMs, but you can use any ATM that accepts Visa or MasterCard. There will be a cost, but it might be a decent alternative if there are no free ATMs nearby.

Final Thoughts

Netspend is a relatively new concept, and many people are unsure how it works or what solutions are available when you need cash. This is why you should check our page regularly for all crucial updates such as this one.

Meanwhile, you can use all of the tips and tricks provided to withdraw your money and start enjoying your Netspend benefits right away.