Lost My Chime Card [How To Get Help]

Are you here in order to learn a little about facts associated with a lost or misplaced Chime Visa Credit Card and what the details are all about or wondering what number to call and how to use this Chime Visa Credit Card to the best extent possible, then perfect! You have found the right article.

In this article, I’m going to give you all the Chime Visa Credit Card facts that you need to know about so that I can help you out with using your card and benefiting the most.

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Get A Chime Replacement Card

I’ve misplaced my Chime Visa Debit Card. Is it possible to turn off my card?

If your Chime Visa Debit Card is ever lost or stolen, you can temporarily block it:

  1. Open the Chime app
  2. Then click on Settings and turn off Chime Card Transactions.
  3. Get a new card:
  4. Go to Settings and click “Replace My Card.”

If you have issues with that app, you can call Chime at 1-844-244-6363

You can also email Chime at support@chime.com.

Or log in to your Chime account at www.chime.com and follow the directions.

Or log in to your Chime account and use the Chatbot Feature.

Within 7-10 business days after your new Chime card has been printed, you will receive it.

[You can use a temporary digital card that you will find in Settings until you receive your new card in the mail.]

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If you asked for a replacement card because your current card is damaged, then the current card will still be active until you receive and activate your new card. While you wait, if needed, you are able to turn off the transactions at any time in the app also under Settings.

How To Get A Chime Account Phone App

Log in to your Chime online account at www.chime.com or Open Chime App on your phone.

(If you don’t have a phone app for Chime, you can download it by clicking here.)

How To Get A Virtual Chime Credit Card

You can ask Customer Service for a Virtual Chime Credit Card. You can call Chime at 1-844-244-6363

You already were approved for the traditional physical card account that you hold, and additional application processing is therefore not needed to obtain your Virtual credit card number. This is good because you don’t need to wait to be approved or make any deposit to start using your card.

With a virtual credit card, you can pay for most of your services online and digital. There is no physical card since it is a temporary credit card number designed to protect your personal information and privacy safe while you are online. 

View My Card is now available for Chime. You can now access your virtual Chime debit card through the Chime app anytime, anywhere. Find it in your app settings.

How a Virtual Credit Card Works

This disposable credit card number is generated with an expiration date and security code to protect your actual account number from fraud during a breach or overcharges from many subscription-based services these days.

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The Virtual credit card is linked to your traditional credit card account, which improves your privacy and security while handling your financial transactions online.

Temporary 16-digit numbers are Virtual credit card numbers that are created to provide privacy for your services when shopping online.

You can set a charge limit or maximum spending amount onto your Virtual credit card with many of the virtual cards, which will help to prevent your account from being overcharged. 

Chime Cardless Withdrawals

Some of the top banks now are making access to your cash even easier using Cardless ATMs. Withdrawing money through a cardless ATM is done through a secure phone app that has access to your digital wallet.

At this time, unfortunately, Chime does not offer any cardless ATM services yet unless you use your physical card. 

Additional Ways To Get Money While You Wait For Replacement Card

  1. Pay using a mobile payment app.
  2. Ask a friend and Chime Request Money
  3. Use another bank card and transfer money between accounts, get a prepaid debit card or transfer to your Chime Spending Account through your Chime Mobile App Moving Money feature.

Since your Savings account can’t be accessed at your ATM or if you are waiting for a new card, Chime allows 6 transfers each month from your Savings to your Chime Spending Account.

This can be done by:

  1. Using the Chime mobile app 
  2. Log in to www.chime.com
  3. Select Move Money 
  4. Select Transfers
  5. Finally, you will enter all the information from your (external) other banks where the money is being transferred from.
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This allows your other external bank to now be linked with your Chime Spending Account.

Now since the two banks are linked, you can use your Chime app to make additional transfers when needed and at the following limits.

  • A maximum of $10,000 per calendar day
  • A maximum of $25,000 per calendar month

Transferred funds will be available within five (5) business days.

Requesting Chime Money From Pay Friends Feature

The request you send has to be to another Chime account holder. Your friend will receive either an email or SMS message from Chime. This message will contain a link to their Chime mobile app that they can use to make the payment to your Chime account. Once your friend pays your request, the money will be instantly deposited into your Chime account.

There may be times when instant digital payments may be delayed due to timing or other factors. Also, any unpaid Pay Friends request will automatically cancel after 14 days.

  1. Log in to your Chime mobile app.
  2. Click on the Pay Friends button on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Click on “Search People.”
  4. Next, enter the name, phone number, or email of the person from who you want to request money, and again must also be a Chime member.
  5. Next, enter the amount of money you want to receive and write a brief description.
  6. Last you will click “Request.”

There is no fee to request money from Chime!