Metabank Account Number [FAQ]

Navigating our modern world of bank accounts, online banking, and electronic transfers can be confusing. You might worry about hidden fees, overdraft charges, online merchants that don’t accept certain cards, and more. 

You may have heard of MetaBank, but what is it? Is MetaBank a suitable alternative to regular banking systems, and what are the differences? What is a MetaBank account, and how can you access it? Where can you find your MetaBank account number? 

We’ll discuss the answers to these frequently asked questions and more in this article. 

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What Is A MetaBank Account?

MetaBank is a banking system for users who don’t wish to be tied to a traditional bank. MetaBank essentially works on a prepaid card basis, meaning that you can only spend the money you actually have in your account. 

As you can imagine, this is a great option for users who have a poor credit history or simply have a habit of overspending. MetaBank forces users to work on a cash-only basis, whether the payments are done via physical cash or with electronic payments. 

Where Can I Find My MetaBank Account Number? 

There are a few different ways to locate both your MetaBack account number and your routing number. The simplest way is to find a paper check or receipt from your local MetaBank branch. Your account number and routing number should be listed there, at the bottom of the check, along with the check number. 

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Alternatively, you can call your local MetaBank branch. The support line is toll-free and can help you locate your account number. 

As with most banking services nowadays, MetaBank offers online banking, both via web browsers and on a specially designed MetaBank app. Logging into your online account is a good way to locate your account number and routing number, although you may have to do a little exploring on your own to find your information. 

What’s the Difference Between My Account Number and Routing Number? 

An account number is your personal number, attached to your MetaBank account. You can find this number on paper checks, on your online account, or by calling your local MetaBank branch. A MetaBank account number is also known as a routing transit number.

A routing number, on the other hand, is an 8-11 digit number that is used to refer to particular transfers between accounts. For example, payments and debits between US accounts will have a routing number. Wire transfers may have a different routing number, and so on. 

Bill payments, direct deposits, debits, and more all have their own routing numbers. For information on where to find particular routing numbers, try calling your local MetaBank branch. 

How Many Digits Is My MetaBank Account Number?

A MetaBank account number, or routing number, is made up of 9 digits. It may be referred to as a routing transit number (RTN), or an ABA routing number. Your account number should be listed on certain paper receipts from MetaBank, like paper checks. 

You might need to know your personal MetaBank account number to make certain transfers. You should be able to find your account number on your online banking service.

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How Can I Log in to My MetaBank Account? 

You can log into your MetaBank account here. There will be an option to log onto online banking in the top left corner of the screen, and then you can log into either a personal account or a business account. 

Presuming you’ve already set up online banking with Metabank, you’ll need to enter your username and password. If you forget your password, there’s a “forgot password” option below the login box. 

If it’s your first time logging into your online MetaBank account, you’ll need to register your account first. Click on the “Ready to Register Your Account” option below the login box. 

To register your account, you may need to enter some personal info. You’ll also likely need this info if you’re trying to reset your password. 

What Should I Know About My MetaBank Account? 

While MetaBank is a popular banking service, you should be aware that it only covers prepaid cards. This means that credit options, like overdrafts, are not available on the average MetaBank account. 

Since no credit check is necessary for a MetaBank account, these accounts are suitable for just about everybody. There is a downside to this – your MetaBank account won’t contribute to your credit score. 

While this is a good service for those with poor credit, it can cause some issues. You can also expect a cash withdrawal fee if you use your MetaBank card to withdraw funds at an ATM. Additionally, there is a monthly maintenance fee for your account, and this fee can be up to $9.95 per month. 

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Many online merchants and loan companies accept MetaBank accounts, but not all. There is a chance that your MetaBank card may not be accepted by certain online stores.

These issues aren’t likely to seriously impact your lifestyle, but it is something to consider if you’re thinking about opening a MetaBank account. When you open any banking account at all, you should be sure to know exactly what the terms and conditions are, and always read the fine print.  

The Bottom Line

MetaBank accounts are reasonably straightforward. Your 9-digit account number should be easy to find, and online banking and the MetaBank app can make sorting your funds much easier. 

For more information, check the official MetaBank website FAQs. This can help you to navigate the online site, make payments, receive funds, and access some of the benefits offered as part of a MetaBank account. Good luck!