Metabank Complaints [Most Common Frustrations]

Let’s be honest here. No bank or any other kind of institution is going to exist without some hiccups. Whether it’s a unique situation that the bank doesn’t have the protocols to handle, hidden fees, or old-fashioned employee mistakes, sooner or later you’re going to run into problems with your bank. 

Naturally, MetaBank is no exception. However, users considering opening a MetaBank account want to know just how common these problems and frustrations can be. At some point, the frustrations of dealing with a bad bank are going to outweigh the conveniences and benefits offered. 

So, where does MetaBank stand here? What are some of the common frustrations customers experience, and how can those frustrations be addressed? 

In short, is MetaBank a good bank? 

Let’s find out. 

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Common MetaBank Complaints

In our modern online world, it’s easy to see at a glance what real-life customers think of anything, from restaurants to stores to banks. A quick Google search will show plenty of review sites for MetaBank, with real customers explaining their problems and whether or not these problems have been dealt with.

Here are a few complaints that appear more frequently than others. 

Difficulty Reaching A Human Operator

Like most banks and other large facilities, MetaBank uses automated telephone operators. When you make a call to MetaBank, you’ll hear an automated message urging you to press a button to redirect yourself to a particular branch or section. You may have to speak aloud to indicate your problem. 

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As you can imagine, this can be frustrating, especially if you find yourself going around in circles pressing buttons and being redirected. Automated telephone operators may have difficulty understanding you, and you might find yourself right back at the start. 

Also, some cases need to be discussed and dealt with by a human operator. Automated operators follow rigid scripts and protocols, and sometimes they simply can’t handle your particular request. 

Several customers have complained about the difficulty in reaching a human operator when calling MetaBank. While you can expect to encounter several layers of automated responses when calling a bank, we do expect to be eventually referred to a real human to discuss our problems. 

However, this may not be the case with MetaBank customer services. 

No Refunds for Fraudulent Charges

If you start seeing unfamiliar charges to your MetaBank account – for example, if you see a DoorDash or Amazon fee charged when you don’t have accounts to either of those services – then there is a good chance that somebody has gotten their hands on your card details and are stealing from you. 

Contacting MetaBank will get your current card canceled and a new one sent to you, which should prevent any further fraud. However, some customers have complained about not receiving a refund for these charges. After all, they weren’t the ones who made the purchases. 

However, you may either have to wait for your money to be refunded or you may not receive your money at all. This has left some customers frustrated and outraged. 

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If this has happened to you, contact MetaBank. 

Monthly Maintenance Fees

Most bank accounts don’t charge maintenance fees. However, MetaBack does, and these fees can be up to $9.95 per month. 

For a healthy bank account, this may not be much of a problem, but an extra $10 per month will soon add up. Some customers have complained that gift cards they have purchased and planned to save for a special occasion have expired, and been completely eaten up by maintenance fees and other charges. 

Understandably, this leaves customers feeling frustrated, having completely wasted their money. These charges should be listed in the fine part when you apply for a gift card. To avoid disappointment, read all the listed charges carefully. If your card expires on a certain date, you must use it before then.

Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawing money with a MetaBank card via ATM carries a $2.50 charge unless you use a MetaBank Cash Express location. 

If you aren’t able to access a Cash Express location, you’ll need to pay the withdrawal fee every time you take out cash from an ATM. This leaves some customers feeling as if they’re paying to access their own money. 

How To File a Complaint With MetaBank 

To file a complaint with MetaBank, outline your complaint and your desired outcome in an email, and send it to Alternatively, you can ring the customer service hotline at 866 550 6382. 

When making a complaint, no matter how justified you are, you’re always more likely to get your desired outcome if you remain calm and polite. Staying calm can be tricky, especially if you’re not getting the help you need. Still, behaving courteously and reasonably allows you to stay in control of the interactions, and makes it much more likely that people will want to help you. 

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If possible, keep your complaints civil and well-written. Outline your problem clearly and make it clear how you would like the problem tackled. Try not to write a complaints email when you’re angry!

Is MetaBank a Good Bank?

MetaBank has a SmartAsset rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. While there may be some frustrations and issues with this bank, the customer reviews indicate that MetaBank is a good bank. 

If you’re still not sure, talk to friends and family who have banked or currently bank with MetaBank. Be aware that everyone can have different experiences. 

For example, one user might encounter an incompetent and unhelpful MetaBank employee, whereas another user might speak with a kind, friendly, and extremely helpful employee. Both of their experiences will be completely different, likely with only one user getting their problem solved! 

The Bottom Line

It’s always good to take your time and do plenty of research before you choose a bank. Keep an eye out for hidden fees, and take note of what sort of services are offered.