What Time Does Metabank Post Direct Deposits? [Learn The Facts]

Modern finances can be managed in all sorts of ways. Some people (a few, at least) mostly work in cash, others only use electronic transfers and cards, but most people use a combination of both. 

This means that at some point in your life – possibly regularly – you’ll need to make direct deposits into your bank. 

Is this a straightforward process? How do direct deposits work with MetaBank? What time does MetaBank post direct deposits? 

Let’s find out. 

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How To Set Up A Direct Deposit With MetaBank

To use the direct deposit function with MetaBank, you’ll need to sign up for this optional service when you open an ACE Flare account. 

Direct deposits allow you to receive and deposit funds more quickly. In fact, you may be able to receive payments up to two days faster. While you can set up a direct deposit through the MetaBank mobile banking app or online, you can visit an ACE Cash Express location for more help in setting up a direct deposit. 

Direct deposits allow users to send money directly to another user’s account, or into another account of their own. Direct deposits are also used by employers to give out their employees’ weekly or monthly paychecks. 

MetaBank Direct Deposits: Frequently Asked Questions

Direct deposits are relatively simple. However, first time users or anyone inexperienced with online banking might need to do a little research before attempting their first direct deposit. 

  • How long does MetaBank take to deposit? 
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You can make a deposit at any time of the day – or night – but that will affect when the deposit is posted. Check with your local MetaBank branch to find out the cutoff time. 

Most banking branches work over business days, meaning that if you make a deposit after around 5 or 6 PM, your deposit won’t be handled until the next business day. If you make a deposit after the cutoff time on a Friday, the deposit may not reach its destination until the following Monday. If your payment is urgent, take these delays into account. 

  • What time does MetaBank post direct deposits? 

Setting up a direct deposit may take a few days. However, once the deposit is set up, you should be able to send and receive deposits on the same day, assuming the deposit was sent before around 3 PM. 

MetaBank posts direct deposits at midnight, or between midnight and 6 AM of the day your money is supposed to be received. 

The Bottom Line

Direct deposits allow you to make and receive funds without worrying too much about it. For example, a direct deposit can take a regular monthly or weekly payment out of your bank without you needing to do anything to confirm. 

If you need to set up or cancel a direct deposit via MetaBank, log into your online banking account, or visit an ACE Cash Express location.