How To Get My Rushcard Pin

So, you’ve signed up for your RushCard account and just received your prepaid RushCard debit card. What now?

Well, now you need to activate your card, choose a pin, and set up your account. 

You can do all of that over the phone. But what if you come across some issues, or you cannot access your account?

This article will go over the steps you need to follow to activate your RushCard and set up your pin. I will also provide other important details regarding RushCards services and their customer service contact information. 

Keep reading to find out more!

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How Do I Activate My RushCard Debit Card?

By Phone

Once you get your RushCard debit card in the mail, you will need to activate your card. You can do this by calling the phone number that is on the sticker. The sticker should be placed on the front of your prepaid debit card. 

The number to activate your card is (800) 247-4109. You will follow the two-step process. 

When you call in, you will need to follow the prompt to confirm your card number and activate the card. 


You can also activate your RushCard online through an activation site. Visit this link to activate your card. You will need to confirm some personal information as well as your RushCard number and CVV. 

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You may also need to complete a CAPTCHA to confirm you are not a robot. (Your’e not a robot, right?)

Using The RushCard App

Lastly, you could activate your rushCard using the mobile app on your phone. Get the RushCard app through your app store, create your account, and then follow the on-screen prompts to activate your debit card. 

How Do I Get My RushCard Pin?

Once you have activated your new debit card, you will be able to choose a four digit PIN (personal identification number) for your debit card. 

Make sure to write this number down in a safe place. A locked note on your phone would be a good place to store your important passwords. 

What If I Forgot My RushCard Pin?

If you have forgotten your debit card’s PIN number, you will need to contact RushCard support to reset the pin. 

You could also visit RushCards website and click “Help” at the bottom of the page, this will automatically open a live chat box where you can chat with an agent and get help. Click this link to go to RushCards website. 

What Is The RushCard Customer Support Number?

You can contact RushCard at (866) 787-4227.


Is RushCards Customer Service Good?

RushCard has very bad reviews and their company’s ratings vary from ⅕ starts to 2.5/5 stars. Take a look at some of the complaints and review customers left. You can click the links below and read through some of their comments. 

Read reviews on Sitejabber. 

Consider the complaint left on the Better Business Bureau’s site. 

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Read the review on Unirush, RushCards parent company. 

What Is MyRushCard Account Number?

Your RushCard account number is also called a deposit ID number. 

This number can be used to receive deposits instead of giving out your debit card number. 

To get this number you can email RushCard at or call 866 787 4227. 

How Do I Log Into My RushCard Account?

Once you have created your account, activated your card, and chosen your pin, you are ready to log into your account and view your information. 

  • To log into your account, go to the Rushcard login page and click “Account Login”. 
  • Enter your login I.D. and password. 

Where Can I Find My Log-In Details?

You should have written down your login information when you set up your account. If you have already created your account you will need two things. 

1. Login I.D. 

2. The password you chose when you created your account. 


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