How To Get My Netspend Account Number

Getting your new Netspend card is fantastic, but you may have some questions about it, such as how to get your account number. This is why we’ve compiled all of the answers you’re looking for in one spot to make it easier for you to navigate this financial institution.

Your account number is critical, and you must ensure that you are the only one who knows and uses it. This safeguards your privacy as well as the money in your Netspend account.

But, how do you get this number in the first place? Keep on reading to find out the exact steps you need to take.

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How To Get A Netspend Account Number?

You can get your Netspend account number by contacting 1-866-387-7363 and following the steps for Direct Deposit information, or by signing in to your Netspend account online.

Your account number can be obtained in a variety of ways. 

This number is a one-of-a-kind digit that notifies banks where to transfer money or where to withdraw funds. It’s one of the ways a bank recognizes you as a customer and interacts with your account without error.

This is why the account number is vital and utilized in numerous transactions, most notably direct transfers to your Netspend card.

If you don’t have a Netspend card, contact the same number and ask to be sent one. You will discover all of the information you want regarding your account number and routing number in the envelope that arrives at your address.

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How to find your Netspend account number?

Finding your Netspend account number is easy; simply select one of the alternatives below and follow the instructions. Most of the time, you will be required to submit some sort of identification to show that the account you are requesting information about is yours.

Keep in mind that this number might be used for fraudulent purposes, so keep it secure and concealed at all times. That being said, here are a couple of methods for locating your Netspend account number:

Call Netspend

The first step is to contact Netspend customer service at 1-866-387-7363 to get your account number. The automatic message will prompt you to select Direct Deposits from the Other Services menu. When you go to Direct Deposits, you may get your account number.

Netspend offers one of the greatest customer care systems available, and they are often quite responsive. This means you’ll get your account number in no time.

Log into your account

You will be able to access your account online after you have received your Netspend card. 

You can discover your account number whether you use the browser or the app. All you have to do is select “Money Add” and then select “Manage.” The Direct Deposit tab will display your account number.

Because Netspend is an online bank, getting acquainted with the software and the virtual experience may be beneficial. This is a quick and secure method to manage your finances while staying at home.

Text Netspend

If you use Netspend’s Anytime Alerts service, you may obtain your account number by texting “Direct” to 22622. Netspend will SMS you back with all of the information you want, including your account number.

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What Is Netspend’s Routing Number?

Netspend routing number is 073972181 if Meta Bank is registered, or 114924742 if International Bank is registered (INB).

The routing number tells the banking system which bank is in charge of your account and how to transfer money to you. If you are unsure about the bank, you can examine your Netspend card more closely.

The logo of either Meta or International Bank may be found on the back of each Netspend card. Once you’ve determined which bank it is, you may easily enter one of the previously listed routing numbers.

What are account and routing numbers used for?

Every transaction you make on your account requires your account and routing numbers. This is why it’s critical to have the correct numbers for deposits and other related activities.

Here are some examples of when you’ll need your Netspend account and routing number:

  • If you wish to set up a direct deposit;
  • When you want to pay your bills automatically;
  • Allow salary or pension payments to be deposited into your account;
  • Pay someone in the United States through a wire transfer or an ACH (Automated Clearing House).

Can you do direct deposit with Netspend?

Yes, Netspend is one of the greatest ways to obtain a direct deposit. All you need to do is make sure you have the correct account and routing number.

If you wish to get your pay or request tax refunds to be transferred straight to your Netspend account, this is one of the best methods to collect your money quickly. In most situations, payment is made two days before the rest of the users receive their paper checks in the mail.

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Once you have completed the Netspend direct deposit permission form, the entire procedure will be automated, and the funds will be credited to your account as soon as the payment is completed. 

Netspend has no additional processing days, which is one of the reasons why consumers appreciate this prepaid service so much.

Final Thoughts

Your Netspend card will always contain an account and routing number, which are critical for direct deposits and other activities. You now know that there are several methods for obtaining your specific account number.

If you have any more queries, please visit our website for more information or contact Netspend’s customer service.