Why Did I Receive A Netspend Card In The Mail?

Did you get a Netspend card in the mail and are unsure as to why? Many individuals are already getting these prepaid cards at their homes and are concerned about the possible costs. This is why we have compiled all pertinent information in one location.

By the conclusion of this article, you’ll understand why Netspend sent you their card, whether or not it’s safe to use, and what you can do with it.

So, continue reading to learn more, and let’s dive right into today’s topic.

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Why Did I Get A Netspend Card In My Mail?

You received the Netspend card in the mail because the IRS issued you a stimulus payment or because the Netspend company is marketing its services.

Because prepaid cards are becoming more popular, several government agencies, such as the IRS, are increasingly using them to transfer payments to people who do not have any other accounts. However, consumers are still concerned since they are unfamiliar with the notion of prepaid cards and frequently trash the mail as garbage.

Another reason you could receive a Netspend card in the mail is that they are pushing services and seeking new clients.

This is still a legitimate way to obtain a Netspend account without having to apply online. Prepaid cards are an incredible and simple way to have money available for shopping, paying bills, and so much more.

But does this indicate that the card is ready to use and that you must pay all of the expenses associated with it? Continue reading to find out.

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Is it safe to use the Netspend card I got in the mail?

Yes, if the envelope containing the Netspend card is white and bears the IRS stamp, it is most likely your stimulus cheque. Because the government is seeking the quickest means to transfer money to people, this has shown to be one of the most efficient methods.

The card you received in the mail is completely safe to use, and you can always contact the official Netspend hotline to find out what occurred and if the card has any money on it. If the government does make you pay in this manner, Netspend support will be able to examine the transactions and assist you with any additional queries you may have.

If the card comes as a promotional item, there will be no money in the account and the card will not be activated unless you elect to do so. The mail will contain all of the necessary instructions for activating your Netspend card. 

It’s a simple process that may be completed over the phone or online.

You won’t have to worry about paying the charge or losing money because the card will be activated after you complete the activation process. This may necessitate some sort of identification, but you should never provide your social security number.

What can I use the card for?

Prepaid cards, such as Netspend, provide an incredible chance to have your money available at all times without carrying cash or other cards.

You can get cash from one of the numerous free ATMs located throughout the United States, or you can use your Netspend card anyplace Visa or Mastercard is accepted. Furthermore, some establishments provide cashback to their clients; however, be sure you understand all of the additional expenses you may be required to pay.

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Also, bear in mind that prepaid cards have daily and transaction restrictions, so you may have to withdraw larger quantities of money over a few attempts or days.

Overall, it’s an excellent approach to manage your finances and limit the amount of money that may be spent from a single account. Keep in mind, however, that there will be extra costs for withdrawals and keeping the account operational.

How Do I Know If The Netspend Card I Received In The Mail Is Legit?

If the Netspend card you received is genuine, it will arrive in a white envelope bearing the US Department of the Treasury emblem. The words “Money Network” and a Visa stamp should appear on the back of the card, indicating that it is legit.

If you are still concerned, you can contact Netspend’s customer service and explain the matter. They will be able to inform you whether or not the card is in the system and what you need to do next.

What if I don’t want the Netspend card?

If you get a Netspend card in the mail, investigate the possibility that the IRS is attempting to make payments to your address. If you suspect this is the case, make sure to contact support and find out.

Don’t discard the card until you’re certain there are no funds on it.

If Netspend has sent you the card as a promotional item, you can choose whether or not to activate it and load funds onto it. If you do not want the prepaid card, simply ignore the advertising.

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Owning a prepaid card may be beneficial to your budget if you know how to handle the monthly charge and other expenditures, so consider becoming a Netspend active user before discarding the card.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you now understand that receiving a Netspend card in the mail isn’t such a horrible thing. This card will usually contain your monthly payment on it, or it will be a promotion card that you can activate.

In any case, it’s the possibility to utilize this new method of payment everywhere you go. Before you conclude it’s junk mail, always contact Netspend customer service to ensure there is no money on the account.