My Rushcard Account Is Locked [How To Unlock]

Are you here to learn a little about facts associated with your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card and how to unlock your RushCard Visa Card and what the details are all about for your account protection or wondering what number to call and how to use your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card to the best extent possible, then perfect! You have found the right article.

Visa RushCard debit cards are a great way to make payments to online casinos. They are widely accepted in Japan and other countries. Using a Visa RushCard in an ベラジョンカジノ means you can be sure that your data will be safe. You will be prompted to enter a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) each time you top up your online casino account. This code is unique and confidential.

In this article, I’m going to give you all the RushCard Prepaid Visa Card facts about details that you need to know about to help you out with using your card to benefit you the most.

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About RushCard

RushCard Prepaid Visa Card is a partner with Visa and MetaBank to offer all of the features that you expect from a bank debit card, direct deposit, ATM (automated teller machine) access, and POS (point-of-sale purchases).

Metabank offers a fully insured card through Visa by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) up to $250,000. 

The RushCard Prepaid Visa Card can be used in any location accepted by Visa debit cards and can also be used online. The RushCard can be used to pay bills or withdraw from ATMs and works like a normal debit and credit card, except that your money available is determined by the amount of load of money that you have deposited into your RushCard account.

How To Unlock Or Unblock Your RushCard Account

The RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Member Services may have locked your account because of security issues or have blocked your Card upon your request. 

First, are you able to access your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card?

If you are locked out of your, RushCard Prepaid Visa Card account or have lost or misplaced your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card or forgot your password, then call the RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Member Services phone number at

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1-866-RUSHCARD (866-787-4227).

Next, RushCard will then ask you to verify your RushCard account before Member Services can help you. Member Services will do this by confirming your identity, including your 16-digit RushCard Prepaid Visa Card number and your social security number.

You may also be asked to show a recent copy of your utility bill, your birth certificate, Social Security Card, and State ID. These documents will need to be reviewed and approved before your account can be unlocked, so you may wish to make a few follow-up calls to try and help to speed this process.

Suppose you have forgotten or you are having a password issue with The RushCard Prepaid Visa Card and forgot your answer to your security password question. In that case, you will still be able to recover the password by using your email.

RushCard Pros

  • You can access your paycheck and benefits and be paid up to 2 days earlier by setting up a Direct Deposit on your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card.
  • With RushCard Prepaid Visa Card, you can withdraw money at no fee at 24,000 fee-free MoneyPass ATMs across America.
  • RushCard Prepaid Visa Card is accepted everywhere that Visa debit is accepted to allow you to buy online or through your RushCard Mobile App or any stores accepting Visa debit cards.
  • RushCard Prepaid Visa Card can be loaded at thousands of retailer’s locations or direct depositing checks into your RushCard account or from your RushCard Mobile Phone App.
  • RushCard Prepaid Visa Card has a Visa Zero Liability Policy that protects you against any unauthorized charges.
  • If your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card is stolen or you have misplaced your Card, you can instantly “pause” purchases with Pause Protection.

RushCard Cons

  • RushCard Prepaid Visa Card has had thousands of customers denied access to their cash, prompting a federal regulator to order the company to pay $13 million in restitution and fines.
  • RushCard has had many varied customer service complaints concerning untimely replacement of RushCard, long waits, and access to their funds denied along with fees.

The RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Was Hacked.

If you feel that your account has been accessed without your consent or that there has been any suspicious activity, then immediately contact the RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Member Services as soon as possible to make a report, and Member Services may be able to help you to find a solution. 

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To help secure your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card account 

Never share your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Personal Information anyone, period. 

  1. Always log out of your account whenever you have finished using your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card account online.
  1. Do not reply to any unsolicited emails.
  2. This is because the RushCard Prepaid Visa Card institution will never contact you in an email asking for details about your account or personal information. 
  1. Avoid clicking on any links whose security you are not aware of and also avoid opening attachments in the same respect as hackers or fraudsters can then capture your personal information.
  1. Secure Internet Connection 

Suppose you are handling anything that concerns your personal information online. In that case, avoid public Wi-fi and always have a secure connection which can normally be seen with a padlock icon on the screen to show your connection is secure.

  1. Have up-to-date Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus protection on your device that you are using for your internet.
  1. Unique and Strong Password

A combination of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and symbols of at least 6 characters will help form a strong password for your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card password protection.

How To Open RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Account 

No credit check. No minimum balance.

Click here to apply now for your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card.

Rush Card Mobile App 

With the RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Account Mobile App, you can always quickly check your balance or view transactions, find free ATM locations, deposit funds from approved checks, and more.

If you need the Mobile App, then download the RushCard Mobile App by 

Clicking here for Apple


Clicking here for Android

Contact the RushCard Member Services Support Team 

  1. by calling

1-866-RUSHCARD (866-787-4227).

  1. You will then be connected with a customer services support team member who will help you find the most appropriate solution for your problem.
  2. Contact RushCard ONLINE

Existing Customers: 

Log into your RushCard Mobile App 

 log into your online account and click ‘Help’ in the main menu. 

  1. Prospective RushCard Customers: Visit RushCard online and click ‘Help’ at the bottom of the page.
  2. CONTACT RushCard by MAIL

Snail mail still works too. Write RushCard a letter.


PO Box 42482

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Cincinnati, OH 45242

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