RushCard Review

Are you interested in RushCard? Have you heard about their prepaid debit card? 

RushCard is a financial technology company that offers debit cards to millions of individuals within the USA. They advertise faster paydays and highly secure debit cards.

But do they actually deliver on their advertised features? Some customers say no…

While RushCard boasts many features a traditional debit card includes, there are some concerns regarding its customer service and financial management. 

Should you use RushCard’s prepaid debit card? Is your money actually safe? What are the issues and complaints some customers have made?

In this article, I will answer all of those questions and go over important information you need to be aware of before you put your money in a RushCard account. 

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What Is RushCard?

RushCard is a company that provides financial services. They offer a prepaid debit card product for their customers. 

RushCard claims their customers will get paid faster with their services, up to 2 days sooner with direct deposit. They also allow you to load money onto your account at thousands of different retailers. You can also deposit money directly from your phone. 

RushCard has at least 750,000 customers and continues to grow. 

If you lose your RushCard, you can “pause” any transactions you see on your account. This allows you advanced protection. 

Who Owns RushCard?

RushCard was initially founded by Russel Simmons in 2003 and was created to assist minority customers. His aim was to provide financial services with lower fees. 

RushCard’s prepaid debit card is mainly used by individuals who rely on cash to cover their expenses. They may not have a checking or savings account. 

RushCard was bought by Green Dot Corporation. This is a financial technology company and bank holding company in the USA. 

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Is RushCard A Real Bank?

RushCard is not considered a traditional bank. Their parent company Unirush is a financial technology company.  

To provide their security features and be accepted by businesses, Rushcard has partnered with other financial companies. 

RushCard is a prepaid debit card service. RushCard partnered with Visa and MetaBanks to allow customers to use their cards. RushCard offers ATM access, direct deposit services, and many other features you will find with a normal bank debit card. 

RushCard prepaid debit cards can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. If you are unable to qualify for a credit card, then RushCard may be the option for you. 

Is RushCard Safe?

RushCard offers some security features to protect your funds. The features include

  • “Pause” feature where you can put a pause on transactions in your account. This protects your money if your card is lost or stolen. 
  • Visa Zero Liability Policy protection. 
  • Prepaid debit means if your card is ever hacked or stolen, your liability is limited to the amount of money you have already added to the card. The thief cannot access any bank accounts or run up your credit. 
  • Your debit card balance is protected with FDIC insurance. 

What Services Or Products Does RushCard Offer?

RushCard offers a prepaid debit card. You can choose the Rush Unlimited Plan or the Rush Pay As You Go Plan

They also offer a mobile app where users can access their accounts and view their funds. The app can be downloaded on Apple devices or Android devices. Using the app, you can pause any transactions or add money to your account. 

What Fees Are Involved?

The fees will depend on the plan you choose, the Rush Unlimited Plan or the Rush Pay As You Go Plan

The Rush Unlimited Plan includes the following fees:

FeesUnlimited Plan
One-Time Card Fee$3.95 – $9.95
Monthly Fee (with direct deposit)$5.95
Monthly Fee (without direct deposit)$7.95
Card to Card Transfer Fee (to any other RushCard Member)$0.99
ATM Withdrawal Fee–Out of Network$2.50
Over the Counter Withdrawal Fee$2.50
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee$0.50
Replacement Card Fee$5.00
Expedited Card Fee (for a replacement card)$30.00
Currency Conversion Fee3% of the transaction amount
Maintenance FeeNo Fee
ATM Decline FeeNo Fee
Call with Live Customer Service agentNo Fee
Toll-Free Telephone Balance InquiriesNo Fee
ATM Withdrawal Fee–In NetworkNo Fee
Store Cash Back with PIN PurchaseNo Fee
Card-to-Card Transfer Fee (to/from your own RushCards)No Fee
One-Time Card Activation FeeNo Fee
Direct DepositNo Fee
Toll-Free Telephone Balance InquiriesNo Fee
Cash (third-party money transfer service fees may apply)No Fee
Transaction FeeNo Fee
Bill Pay Service FeeNo Fee
International Transaction FeeNo Fee

The Rush Pay As You Go plan includes these fees: 

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FeesPay-as-You-Go Plan
One-Time Card Fee$3.95 – $9.95
Transaction Fee$1.00 each time you make a purchase
Card to Card Transfer Fee (to any other RushCard Member)$0.99
ATM Withdrawal Fee–Out of Network$2.50
Store Cash Back with PIN PurchaseIncluded in the Transaction Fee
Over the Counter Withdrawal Fee$2.50
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee$0.50
Replacement Card Fee$5.00
Expedited Card Fee (for a replacement card)$30.00
Maintenance Fee$1.95 except where prohibited by law
International Transaction Fee$2.00
Currency Conversion Fee3% of the transaction amount
One-Time Card Activation FeeNo Fee
Monthly Fee (with direct deposit)No Fee
Monthly Fee (without direct deposit)No Fee
Bill Pay Service No Fee
Card to Card Transfer (to/from your own RushCards)No Fee
ATM Withdrawal –In NetworkNo Fee
Direct Deposit No Fee
Call with Live Customer Service agentNo Fee
Toll-Free Telephone Balance InquiriesNo Fee
Cash (third-party money transfer service fees may apply)No Fee
ATM Decline FeeNo Fee

RushCard Reviews

RushCard carries a rating of 2.5/5 starts. The reviews from customers mention horrible customer service, trouble getting their funds, and issues settling disputes. Most reviews are 1 star. 

On the Better Business Bureau, RushCards parent company Unirush has 812 complaints. Unirush is not accredited by the BBB. Their rating with the BBB is ⅕ starts. 

The most recent ratings and complaints mention having issues contacting agents, issues getting disputes settled, and problems with having documents reviewed properly. 

On Sitejabber, Rushcard carries a ⅕ star review. This is taken from 15 different reviews on the site. Terrible customer service, security breaches, and issues with accessing funds are mentioned. 

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Overall, it seems the reviews of Rushcard and their parent company Unirush are very bad. Looking through each site’s reviews, I have yet to see a good review. 

RushCard Customer Service 

RushCard customer service can be reached at (866) 787-4227, or you can contact them online. Visit to contact RushCard online or get information to mail them. 

You can also contact RushCard through email and/or set up RushTEXT Alerts. RushTEXt alerts will send you a notification when purchases, deposits, or withdrawals are made on your account. 

RushCard Pros And Cons


  • No credit check to get a debit card. 
  • Rushcard has $0 liability with unauthorized or fraudulent transactions/charges. 
  • The card is safe for online purchases. 
  • Prepaid debit cards are good for individuals who don’t want a bank account but still want a card. 
  • Safer than carrying cash with you. 
  • Free financial counseling (Free credit counseling with Operation Hope)


  • Some rental companies won’t accept this form of payment. 
  • No interstate earned with a RushCard account. 
  • Issues with customer service. 
  • Multiple bad reviews from unsatisfied customers. 
  • No opportunity to build credit. 

How To Get A RushCard

If you want to get a RushCard prepaid debit card you can do so online through their website or over the phone. 

The application process is pretty quick and straightforward. After providing your information, you will need to wait to be approved and get your card. 

How Do I Qualify For A RushCard Debit Card?

To qualify for a RushCard, you need to have the following: 

  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. 
  • Have a valid SSN. 
  • Be 13 years or older (must have parents’ consent if you are under 18)
  • Provide your
    • Date of birth 
    • Address
    • Email Address
    • Copy of your driver’s license (or another document that verifies your identity) 

It usually takes 5-7 days for your card to be approved. Once you are approved, you will need to set up your pin and wait for the card to be mailed to you. Once you get the card, you will need to activate it. 

Should I Get A RushCard Prepaid Debit Card?

RushCard prepaid debit cards are good for a few types of individuals. 

  1. An individual who doesn’t want to be involved with traditional banks and has a checking account or credit card. 
  2. An individual who wants a debit card that won’t affect their credit score and is secure against theft and fraud. The card can be used as a debit or credit card to make purchases online or in stores. 
  3. An individual who wants to purchase things online with added identity protection. Since the card has fraud protection and is a prepaid card, your liability is reduced, and your funds are protected. 

If your needs match the individuals mentioned above, then RushCard may be a decent choice for you; however, bear in mind the fees and complaints customers have made. 


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