How To Transfer Money From Rushcard To Netspend

So you have a RushCard and you just set up Netspend. Now, you want to fund your Netspend account using your Rushcard prepaid debt. 

Is it possible? Does Netspend work with other prepaid cards? And if so, how do you set it up?

Transferring money can be a real hassell. Some banks do not accept prepaid cards and prepaid card companies do not always work with other prepaid cards. 

So, does Netspend work with Rushcard?

In this article I will answer those questions and provide you with the steps to transfer between prepaid cards. 

Keep reading to learn more!

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How Does Netspend Work?

A Netspend debit card is a preloaded or pre-paid card that allows you to add funds onto the card when you buy it. 

You can then use the added funds to purchase items where the card is accepted. The card owner is charged fees and/or a monthly fee for using the card. 

One way to add funds to your Netspend card is through the Netspend reload pack. Fees can vary between $0 to $3.95. There are limits to the amount you can load onto your card. 

How Can I Transfer Money To A Netspend Card?

As mentioned before, you could use a Netspend reload pack. 

Other options would be a direct deposit or bank transfers, government benefits that are directly deposited, and tax refunds. All of those methods can be set up to regularly fund your account. 

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You should be able to transfer funds to your Netspend account from any U.S. bank account. To do this, you need to add your bank account information to your Netspend account. Log into the Netspend app, and follow the instructions to add a bank checking or savings account. 

You can also use Paypal to fund your Netspend card. 

How Can I Send Money From A Prepaid Debit Card To A Netspend Card?

To transfer from a RushCard prepaid card directly to another prepaid card, you will need to go into the RushCard app and start a transfer. 

Enter your Netspend card details and your personal information. 

Confirm the information is correct and select the amount you would like to send. (Make sure you have enough money loaded onto your RushCard.)

Once you have confirmed your information and selected the amount to send, you can click the “Send” button. 

The process should take about 15 minutes. 

Contact Netspend

To contact Netspend, call 1(866) 387-7363.

Contact RushCards

You can contact RushCard at (866) 787-4227.

Or, visit RushCards website and click the “help” button. You can communicate with an agent through their messaging box.


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