What Is Rushcards Bank Name And Address

So, you need to locate RushCard headquarters to contact them. How do you find their address? 

What is the name of the bank you should write to? Is RushCard a bank or is it associated with another bank?

In this article, I will cover those questions. Keep reading to find RushCards address and bank name. 

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Is RushCard A Real Bank?

RushCard is not a bank on its own. To provide its services and cards RushCard has partnered with other banks and financial institutions. 

RushCard is owned by UniRush and UniRush was bought by Green Dot. However, the bank RushCard is associated within not Green Dot Bank. 

What Bank Is RushCard Associated With?

To offer their card, RushCard is partnered with Visa and MetaBank. This allows them to have direct deposits, ATM access, and be accepted at a variety of retail stores. 

Since RushCard is not a bank itself, it needs to have a provider that offers their card. 

RushCard is also able to provide protection and insurance for their customers. 

What Is RushCards Address?

RushCards physical headquarters is at 10653 Techwoods Circle, Cincinnati, Ohio USA 45242.

How Do I Contact RushCard?

You should be able to contact RushCard 24/7 and speak to a customer service agent. Their customer service phone number is (866) 787-4227.

If you are already a customer, you should be able to log into your account and click the “help” button to speak to an agent. 

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If you are not a customer you can click this link to visit RushCard login page. Click the “help” button and a message box will automatically pop up. You can communicate with an agent there. 

Is RushCard And RushCard Live The Same?

RushCard and Rushcard live are offered by two different banks, so they are not the same. RushCard is offered by/partnered with MetaBank and Visa. Their services are offered by Bankcorp Bank.

While Rushcard live is offered by Green Dot Bank. 


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