How To Talk To A Live Person At Metabank [Easy Step-By-Step Directions]

It’s something that we’ve all experienced. There’s a problem at the bank, so we call the contact number given, ready and poised to sort out our problem. 

Easier said than done. After wading through a seemingly endless series of automated responses, we find ourselves left on hold, waiting to speak to a human. Waiting. And waiting. And waiting. 

Already stressed about our banking problem, this inability to reach an actual, helpful human being can leave us frustrated, with half our day wasted and no further forward. 

So, if you want a problem solved by MetaBank, how can you do that? How can you talk to a real, live person? Is it really possible? 

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What Is MetaBank?

MetaBank is an alternative financial service, designed for users with poor or no credit who don’t wish to be tied to traditional banking systems. MetaBank is one of the leading providers of prepaid cards in the US. They specialize in prepaid cards for all occasions – travel cards, gift cards, automobile payments, cards for agricultural or business purposes, borrowing, and much more. 

Since MetaBank doesn’t require credit checks, just about everyone is eligible for a MetaBank account. However, this also means that your MetaBank account and any subsequent transactions don’t impact your credit score in any way – for bad or for good. 

Prepaid cards allow for an extra feeling of security, as you can rest assured that you won’t accidentally spend more than you intended. This no-credit scheme is what makes MetaBank accounts suitable for people with no credit or bad credit. 

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MetaBank’s optional direct deposit system, which you can sign up for when you open an ACE Flare account, allows users to receive deposits up to two days early, and also eliminates the need for handling paper checks.

Got A Problem? Here’s How to Contact MetaBank 

To contact MetaBank, call their customer service number at 866 550 6382, or email them at

Depending on your problem, you may be able to find the solution in the “help” section of your MetaBank banking app. Most avenues of requested help lead back to either the contact number or the email address. 

If you don’t have time to sit around on the phone, putting your problem in writing and emailing it to customer service could be a better way to get your problem fixed. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get an immediate response or even a satisfactory answer. If your problem is serious or time-sensitive, calling is your best choice. 

MetaBank Customer Service Reviews 

The best way to talk to a live person at MetaBank is to stay on the phone until you’ve bypassed all of the automated responses, and you will finally be transferred to a real representative. If you can, try visiting a MetaBank location, although they only have limited locations. 

However, few people have the time or energy to waste tracking down a MetaBank live representative. Unfortunately, many customers have complained about the difficulty in speaking to a real person. 

For more information on MetaBank customer service reviews, check out our MetaBank Review article, which links to several sites of MetaBank reviews. One common theme in these reviews is that solving the problems takes time. 

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That’s not unreasonable. However, if you have a large bill coming out tomorrow, your bank balance is at zero, and your paycheck has been delayed for some reason, time is exactly what you don’t have. Soulless automated responses that don’t actually deal with your problems are only adding insult to injury. 

Common MetaBank Problems

A quick look-through of MetaBank customer reviews highlights a few annoying and sometimes serious problems. Here are a few common MetaBank problems that you should consider before banking with MetaBank.

  • Poor communication 

Several MetaBank users have complained about missing information, incorrect information, or not being informed about banking changes. A bank is legally obligated to keep you abreast of certain changes, and it seems that at times, MetaBank hasn’t delivered on this count. 

  • Lack of human advisors

As we’ve already mentioned in this article, finding a real human to talk to a MetaBank is nearly impossible. To speak to a person who might actually solve your problems requires endless hold music and automated responses. However, to date, this is the best way of seeing a MetaBank representative, if you aren’t near a MetaBank location. 

  • Extra fees and charges

MetaBank applies some extra fees to its accounts. For example, some MetaBank accounts deduct a monthly maintenance fee, inactivity fees, or other penalties and charges. Since these fees crop up frequently in customer complaints, we can only assume that these fees shouldn’t have been added, or the customer wasn’t correctly informed about the fees before they opened their account. 

  • Human error 

Human error is always going to be an element in any service. Money could go to the wrong account, payments could be delayed, information could be passed on. Simple mistakes become an issue when they’re not dealt with. 

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For example, your paycheck could be delayed and held due to human error on MetaBank’s part. If you’re not able to contact anyone to get the problem dealt with, or they refuse to deal with the problem, the human error goes from a simple, easy mistake to a serious and possibly life-changing incident. 

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to overlook MetaBank’s shortcomings and possible poor customer service? Nobody can make that decision for you except you. 

Whatever you decide, make sure you’re making an informed decision. Don’t rush into any decisions, and spend some time thinking about possible future problems. For example, are you ready to spend hours wrangling on the phone with MetaBank should something go wrong? Is it worth it for a no-credit-check tax refund advance? 

It’s up to you. Take your time, and decide wisely. Good luck.