How To Track My Direct Express Card

Are you here to learn a little about facts associated with my Direct Express Visa Mastercard Credit Card and what the details are all about for your account protection or wondering what number to call and how to use your Direct Express Visa Mastercard Credit Card to the best extent possible, then perfect! You have found the right article.

In this article, I’m going to give you all the Direct Express Visa Mastercard Credit Card facts about details that you need to know about to help you out with using your card to benefit you the most.

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If you are waiting on your brand new Direct Express Visa Mastercard Credit card or waiting for a replacement card and want to know its status and the steps to track it, this article will help you get the answers you are wondering about.

When You Will Get Your Direct Express Mastercard In The Mail

Once your new Direct Express Mastercard Credit card has been approved or getting a replacement card, you will normally receive the card within 7-14 days.

What To Do About Tracking A Direct Express Card In The Mail

The Direct Express Mastercard Debit Card does not have a tracking number to track in the mail.

Additionally, Direct Express doesn’t publicly share any routing numbers for their cards. This is assigned along with an account number by the card’s issuer Comerica Bank, so you are not needed to sign up or activate a new or replacement card done automatically.

Since the Direct Express Visa Mastercard Credit card normally arrives within 7-14 days and you have been waiting more than 10 business days, you should call the Customer Support contact number of Direct Express to find out if there are any issues. You can find all details to contact Customer Support below in this article.

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Replacement Card Tracking

If you are waiting for a replacement card because it is expired, lost, stolen, or maybe deactivated and should wait again around 10 business days or 7-14 days after the day that you were told the card had been mailed to you.

Replacement cards also do not have a tracking number provided by Direct Express. 

Unfortunately, without a tracking number provided, you will have to wait for 10 business days before calling Direct Express for help at the phone number provided below in this article under contact Customer Support.

Direct Express Cardless Benefit Access for you to withdraw funds

You cannot withdraw money from Direct Express without the card. The only ways to withdraw money are at an ATM, obtain cash back at a retail location, or visit any bank or credit union that displays the MasterCard acceptance mark and get cash from a teller.

Direct Express does have a Direct Express Cardless Benefit Access for you to withdraw funds. The Cardless Benefit Access is considered a Direct Express Crisis money that allows you to access up to $1000 associated with your account, which isn’t extra money but allows you to access funds in your account.

Emergencies or a lost card can be helpful to still access your money up to $1000 available at any MoneyGram outlet in the USA, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.  

Most Walmart locations have a MoneyGram outlet for convenience at their customer service desk or wherever you see that MasterCard is accepted and withdraw cash from the teller.

Direct Express Customer Service Department

If you are already a Direct Express cardholder, you can make a phone call to the Customer Service Department to speak with a live person.

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By phone:

  • Customer Service: 1-888-741-1115 or 1-866-606-3311
  • Hearing-impaired: 1-866-569-0447
  • International: 1-765-778-6290 (Collect)

Customer Service phone numbers are available 24 hrs per day and 7 days per week.

Or you can check online by logging into your account located on the homepage:

Or check Online by:

Simply going to the homepage of Direct Express at 

Or you can check online by logging into your account.

Or check Direct Express Mobile App:

This Direct Express Mobile App is free and compatible with the latest Direct Express cards available. You can identify if you have the latest cards because these cards begin with 5115.

[Both versions of the mobile app can be downloaded from the iTunes® (Apple®) and Google Play™ (Android™) app stores. Data network usage charges may apply. Fees may also apply for international use

by calling Direct Express Customer Service]

Helpful Steps To Speak To A Live Human At Direct Express

  1. First, call the Direct Express Customer Service toll-free number at 1-888-741-1115 (available 24/7)
  2. Next, press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish. When the call is answered, immediately choose option 3 to speak to a live human.
  3. Enter your 16-digit debit card number. Your card number is 16 digits and is located on the front of your card.
  4. Then a Direct Express customer service agent will answer your call shortly after entering your card number. 

(If, for some reason, the auto-attendant doesn’t get your selection – simply follow these quick instructions: 

  • Press 1 to re-enter your card number.
  • Press 2 to access your card account information using your Social Security number.
  • Press 3 to find out the status of your previously ordered card. 
  • Or Press 4 if your card has been damaged, lost, or stolen.

Many customers have reported a high call volume, so you can try calling at different times of the day to see if the hold times are less.

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*Note: If you don’t know your card number or the S.S. number, wait patiently for the auto-attendant to finish going through the below list of messages about 3-4 times. It will then transfer automatically to a customer service representative.

If You Want To Signup To Receive Your Direct Express Card

To get your card, you can call 1 800-333-1795 between 9 AM-7 PM ET Monday – Friday or by internet at

Transferring Money 

Suppose you are waiting for your new Direct Express Debit card or replacement card and wish to transfer money from your direct express account to your personal U.S. bank account. In that case, you can do this by calling the Customer Service Department at Direct Express 1(888) 741-1115 or online at

Typically these transfers take 3 business days unless the transfer or bill payment you request is received after the cutoff hour or non-business day and will start the following business day.

  • You need the personal bank account number and the bank’s routing number to which you are transferring the money.
  • A $1.50 fee for each transfer is deducted from your Direct Express account.
  • A bank account located overseas is not allowed to transfer money from a Direct Express card.
  • No transfers are allowed from a Direct Express card to another card account.

Some Ways To Avoid Additional Transaction Fees

Direct Express allows one free withdrawal per month, and additional withdrawals can be made at any surcharge-free network.

To Find Surcharge-Free Network MasterCard Locations.

  • Click on the MasterCard Logo online.
  • Next, select city, state, and zip code into the search entry.
  • Next, click on view more options.
  • Next, click on Features Optional.
  • Next, click on Surcharge-Free Alliance.
  • Last, click on the Find button, which will start your search.

Then, you will then see your nearest location to help you.