How To Transfer Money From Netspend To Chime?

Netspend and Chime are two of the most well-known banking organizations, and many people want to know if they can transfer money from Netspend to Chime.

If you have the same question, we have the greatest information for you that will help you completely comprehend both banks and use them to get the best outcomes. While many individuals assume this is not a possibility, significant improvements have occurred that make this transition simple and feasible.

So, keep reading to learn the full processes for transferring cash from Netspend to Chime.

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How To Transfer Money From Netspend To Chime?

You can easily transfer funds from your Netspend account to Chime; simply link the two accounts and use the Chime app to start the transfer.

The funds will be transferred and accessible in the Chime spending account. 

Also, bear in mind that you may transfer money using other platforms such as PayPal, but the approach we are about to teach you is one of the finest and quickest ways to transfer your money quickly.

  1. Get Netspend Account and Routing Number

One of the first steps is to find the Netspend account and routing number. These two digits are crucial if you wish to connect your Chime to Netspend, and they are quite simple to obtain.

The best thing you can do is contact Netspend assistance at 1-866-387-7363 and get your account number, or just go into your Netspend account online and look for it there.

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As for the routing number, it will depend on the associated bank. So, if you see a MetaBank stamp on your card the routing number is 073972181 or 114924742 if it’s International Bank (INB).

  1. Open Chime and Link Netspend Bank Account

Once you’ve obtained your Netspend account and routing number, return to Chime and log in with your credentials. 

To connect the two banks, follow these steps:

  • Locate the “Settings” option on the Chime app or website;
  • Click the “Link a bank account” button.
  • Find Netspend Bank (or MetaBank) on the list;
  • Enter the necessary Netspend account information.

This will connect the two accounts and make it simple to transfer funds. Remember that even if Netspend isn’t on the list, you’ll be able to identify the related bank, such as MetaBank or Member FDCI.

  1. Transfer funds

When the two banks are linked, go to your Chime account and pick the “Move Money” option, followed by the “Transfers” option.

Find the Netspend account to which you have linked it and input the amount to be transferred from that account to your Chime. 

This allows you to simply make whatever transfer you desire, but there are certain restrictions and waiting periods, so keep reading to discover more about the transaction.

Can you transfer money from Netspend to Chime?

Yes, you can transfer money from Netspend to Chime since the transaction will be routed through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network.

Many people feel that this is not a possibility, however, you may transfer cash as long as you can find Netspend on the list of banks in the Chime app and link to your account.

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There is also the option of using a third-party platform such as PayPal to conduct the transfer, however, this normally comes with additional fees and is not the most cost-effective alternative.

How Long Does It Take To Transfer Money From Netspend To Chime?

When you move money from your Netspend account to your Chime account, you are using ACH transfers rather than wire transfers, therefore the full process may take 3 to 4 business days.

This transaction is also dependent on the day you make the transfer, so try to avoid weekends and holidays as they will normally cause the procedure to be delayed.

When the transaction is completed, it should take at least four days to appear on the account. In the meantime, it may display on your Netspend account as a pending transaction. If it hasn’t been transferred by then, you can call either bank’s customer service.

What are the limits for the Netspend to Chime transfer?

This, like any other bank transfer, has some restrictions on both ends.

You can deposit up to $10,000 in one day or up to $25,000 each month into your Chime account. There are no restrictions on the number of transactions you may do as long as you do not exceed the stated limit.

However, if you transfer money through Netspend, the situation is significantly different because Netspend has a daily spending limit of $4,999.99. As a result, even if you can receive more money on your Chime account, you will be unable to transfer additional money from your Netspend account.

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Final Thoughts

Chime is one of the most popular banks, and they are more than hospitable to Netspend members, which is a positive indication because many people assumed that money transfers between those two banks were not possible.

All you need to understand is that even if you don’t see a Netspend card among the available banks to link on Chime, you can always select the related bank. This allows for any transfer as long as it is within the daily and monthly restrictions.

You may always visit our website for further information and updates, or contact Netspend customer service if you want more assistance.