How RushCard Works With A Moneypak

You have probably heard of the financial tech company RushCard. They provide prepaid debit cards for millions of customers in the States. 

But did you know, RushCard has made it even easier to load money onto your account using a Moneypak? 

But before you go and get all excited, there are some factors you need to be aware of. There are fees to pay every time you use a Moneypak. You need to consider their reputation and how they deal with their customers. 

I have all that information and more in this article. I will also answer these questions: What is a Moneypak? How does it work? And should I start using them? 

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What Is A Moneypak?

So, what is a Moneypak? Well, a Moneypak is a card you can buy at certain stores. This card/Moneypak allows you to send money to a debit card in the United States. It is a convenient way to send money to friends or family if you have trouble with other transferring services. 

With Moneypak, you can send $20 to $500 dollars to activated prepaid debit cards or bank debit cards within the U.S. 

How Does It Work?

First, you will need to buy a Moneypak card, like the one seen in the picture above. 

  • Then you will need to scratch off the number on the back of the Moneypak. This is your secure Moneypak number. 
  • Create a secure login on
  • Enter your personal information and identity verification. 
  • Enter the Moneypak secure number and the receiver’s debit card number to send the funds. 
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Are There Any Fees To Use Moneypak?

Yes, there is a flat fee of $5.95 to use Moneypak. Moneypak can only be purchased with cash. Credit and debit cards are not accepted. So, you will need to have cash ready in the amount you wish to send.

What Do I Need To Have To Use Moneypak?

To use Moneypak, you will need to have a document to verify your identity, a SSN, and the debit card number of the person you want to receive the funds. 

You must have a valid email address and phone number. You must be 18 or older and a legal U.S. citizen or resident. 

Where Can I Get A Moneypak?

You can buy a Moneypak at a store within the U.S.A. About 50,000 stores currently offer Moneypaks. 

To find a participating store near you, click here. 

How Do I Reload My RushCard With Moneypak?

To reload your RushCard with MoneyPak, you must purchase a Moneypak and select the amount of money you want to transfer. 

Then follow the exact same instruction mentioned earlier; simply add your information and enter your debit card number. The funds should then be sent to your debit card. 

State-issued driver’s licenses and state-issued official IDs are accepted. 

How Long Does It Take For My Funds To Be Loaded?

After you purchase the Moneypak, you must wait 60 minutes before the Moneypak is ready to use. 

After you set up your account and transfer the funds, sending money to a prepaid card should be instant. If you send money to a debit card, the bank’s schedule will affect the time. 

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What If I Have A Problem With My Moneypak?

If you are having a problem with your Moneypak, you must confirm a few things. 

  • Confirm you entered the Moneypak number correctly. 
  • Make sure you enter the correct account number. 
  • Make sure you do not exceed Moneypak’s deposit limit. 
  • Make sure the cardholder’s information is correct. 
  • Check that the debit card you are sending money to has been activated. 
  • Make sure your photo I.D. was clear and was accepted when you submitted it. 
  • If you have confirmed all those details and still have problems, submit your information to the Moneypak help form. 

Moneypak Support

If you would like to speak to a member of their support team, call Green Dot customer service at (866) 795 7597. 

You should be able to seek assistance from a member of their staff. 

What Does A Moneypak NOT Do?

Moneypak does not allow you to buy goods or services. You cannot purchase a Moneypak at a store and then use the Moneypak to buy clothing, groceries, or other things. It is not a debit or credit card. 

It is simply a means of transferring money to another debit card in the United States. 


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