How To Fix MetaBank Direct Deposit Problems FAST

Direct deposits can be a fantastic tool – if you know how to use them. Direct deposits allow money to be taken from and put into your bank without any problems at all, and MetaBank Direct Deposits add extra benefits, too. 

But what about when direct deposits go wrong? What if your money doesn’t arrive, or gets delayed – what then? Who can you contact about direct deposit problems, and is there a way to avoid them? 

Let’s find out. 

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What Is MetaBank?

MetaBank is an alternative financial service, designed for users with poor or no credit who don’t wish to be tied to traditional banking systems. MetaBank is one of the leading providers of prepaid cards in the US. They specialize in prepaid cards for all occasions – travel cards, gift cards, automobile payments, cards for agricultural or business purposes, borrowing, and much more. 

Since MetaBank doesn’t require credit checks, just about everyone is eligible for a MetaBank account. However, this also means that your MetaBank account and any subsequent transactions don’t impact your credit score in any way – for bad or for good. 

Prepaid cards allow for an extra feeling of security, as you can rest assured that you won’t accidentally spend more than you intended. This no-credit scheme is what makes MetaBank accounts suitable for people with no credit or bad credit. 

MetaBank’s optional direct deposit system, which you can sign up for when you open an ACE Flare account, allows users to receive deposits up to two days early, and also eliminates the need for handling paper checks.

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What Is MetaBank Direct Deposit? 

If you take out an ACE Flare Account, you can opt-in for MetaBank’s Direct Deposit service. This allows you to send and receive payments almost instantly. It also allows you to receive payments (for example, your paycheck) up to two days earlier. 

Setting up a direct deposit allows you to make and receive payments at the same time every month, the same amount, without needing to physically make the transaction. This is a handy service for paying bills and rent or paying employees. 

Direct deposit also gets rid of the need for paper checks. This is handy since most monetary transactions are now done online. 

Under certain circumstances, MetaBank’s direct deposit service can also give you access to optional high yield savings accounts, as well as lower monthly fees (remember, MetaBank charges a monthly maintenance fee). 

Common MetaBank Direct Deposit Problems 

A direct deposit service is a fantastic tool – until it goes wrong, of course. Direct deposits are supposed to be quick and instant, but there’s a surprising amount of things that can go wrong between the money leaving one account and entering another. 

We’ll discuss the two most commonly encountered direct deposit problems – and how to fix them. 

Payments not showing up 

If you know you’ll be receiving a payment on a certain date, it can be worrying when the payment doesn’t land. Direct deposits promise instant access to funds, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. 

There can be a few different reasons why a payment might not show up. Start off by ruling out incorrect information, of course!

  • Business day cut-offs
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We can get so caught up in the convenience of online banking and instant direct deposits that we often forget that the deposits need to be passed through banks – during bank working hours. 

While most direct deposits can reach their destination on the same day, don’t forget to take working days and working week cutoffs into account. For example, if you set up a deposit on Friday too late to be deposited that day, your payment likely won’t go through until Monday. 

Similarly, if you send a payment too late in the day, it probably won’t reach its destination until the next day. If this is the case, the solution is simply to wait. Your payment will go through, but you’ll probably have to wait a little longer than you expected. 

  • Exception holds

If your payment is an exception to the next-day deposit promise, your payment will be put under an exception hold. Your payment can be classed as an “exception” if it’s over $5000, a redeposited check, a check deposited to a new account, a frequently overdrawn account, or a deposit that the bank suspects can’t or won’t be collected on. 

Exception holds can also be applied if your deposit is made under “unusual” circumstances. The solution here is to wait. The bank will check the deposit, and it will go through – just later than you hoped. 

In the case of exception holds, you might need to wait up to eight days for your payment to clear.

  • Bank mix-ups

Bank mix-ups are often very simple yet very annoying. Even if your money isn’t available, you should see a record of your deposit in your account, although you won’t be able to access your funds. If you don’t see a record of this, you might want to contact your bank. 

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Bank mix-ups can range from the wrong amount being deposited to your money going into someone else’s account altogether. If this happens, you’ll need to contact your bank. This is their mistake, and they should fix it as soon as possible. 

Incorrect Information 

At one time, writing the incorrect information in a direct deposit spelled the death knell for your money. That was it – you weren’t getting it back. Now, however, this can be dealt with. 

The money can’t be recalled, but if the money goes into somebody’s account, instead of simply pinging back to you, your bank and theirs will need to work together to get back the money. The point is, you have a record of who has received your money – so you can get it back. 

The Bottom Line

To talk directly to MetaBank about a direct deposit problem, call 866 55 6382, or send an email to