Common RushCard Complaints

Are you looking into RushCard? RushCard has gained popularity over recent years due to its low fees and convenient features. 

But is it all it is cracked up to be? Are the fees actually low? Does the app work? How is RushCards customer service?

All valid questions that I will cover in this article. 

Before you decide to get a RushCard, put RushCard to the test! Compare the most common complaints and reviews that customers leave.

Keep reading to find out more!

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RushCard General Complaints

The reviews on RushCard are not good at all. On TrustPilot, the reviews on RushCard are 100% bad. There is not a single good review. 

So what do the companies mention? Well, there are some of the most commonly observed issues customers have with RushCard. 

Money Withheld Or Not Received???

The NUMBER ONE complaint is that RushCard has withheld or misplaced a customer’s money. This is mentioned multiple times by different customers. Read their reviews:

“I would advise people to never use this company EVER!!! They hold your money without explanation what so ever. Block you access to your account make you sent them important documents and allow others your information and make purchases using your money as if all the other fees weren’t enough. People have even had their identity stolen while using this company. It’s RIDICULOUS!!! Do not give this company the time of day it’s not worth the time or energy and I will spend my last days making sure everyone is aware so they don’t have to go through this frustrating ordeal.”

“Straight trash, its really sad how these ppl are nothing more than scammers seriously. And they actually get away with it! I still havent received any of my money back for months! but yet they always want to send me an email about my rush card balance! They say you can do these disputes that take forever and they still dont ever give you anything back! All these cards are for is to take your money period.”

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And that is just on one site!

Take a look at some reviews found on the Better Business Bureau’s site. 

“So I had my tax refund sent to my RUSH CARD account on FEB 24th. they told me since it was over $10,000 that I would have to send in my I.D., social security card, and form 1040. I sent it in the same day. They told me it would take 1-3 days to verify it. I called 5 days later and they said my money was sent back to the IRS on FEB 24th at 12 am midnight. If so, why did y’all ask for documents to verify my account? They then stated it would take the IRS 3-5 business days to receive the money. Today is MARCH 15,2022 the IRS SAID THEY HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING. THE IRS WILL NOT LIE AND IS NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH. RUSH CARD WHERE IS MY MONEY THAT I WORKED HARD FOR?”

“My issue is my stimulus checks were sent to my to my card. The first two were received with no problem. On 3-17-21 my taxes were deposited in the amount of $4200. On 3-29-21 $2800 my 3rd stimulus was sent to my rush card. RUSHCARD is claiming they never received it. I’ve contacted IRS repeatedly. RUSHCARD NEVER RETURNED my check. When I filed a complaint last year. All of a sudden an executive is available to speak. She tries to convince me to remain a customer stating any day or min the funds will post. I closed my card. I HAVE YET to receive my 3rd stimulus. It was sent to them. But she stated that she would make sure the funds would be returned. At this point, I am requesting that RUSHCARD contact IRS and find my money. It would be greatly appreciated. I have been extremely patient. This is ridiculous because this is an ongoing issue with MANY of their customers”

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Bad Customer Service

The subsequent most common complaint is that customers simply cannot get in contact with an agent or an agent has yet to respond to them. 

Read some of the complaints left on the BBB (Better Business Bureau). 

“ So I send everything in and they told me to give them 1 to 2 business days for it to be posted to my account. But 3 days had passed and I didn’t get a notification for my refund so I called them to ask them what’s going on with my refund and they told me that they’ve sent my refund back to the irs and there’s nothing they can do about it. I solely depended on my funds because I have to move and now me and my children have no where to go. I’m highly disappointed and crushed about this whole situation. And still up till now I have not received my refund from the irs nor rushcard. Someone please help me. And thank you.”

I have been trying to shut down my rush card account for about 4 years now and for some reason I can’t get ahold of any customer service agents on the numbers provided on google! It hangs up in my face when I’m trying to press 0 since they do not give us an option To speak with a rep! Monthly fees are piling up as long as that card account is opened. I need help because, I refuse to have an outstanding debt with rush card when I don’t even use them! This should be illegal! I’ve even tried to close my account online and still no hope!”

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Most complaints include issues with customers receiving their money and not being able to get a straight answer or competent agent to speak with. 

Read The Comments Yourself

To take a look at the complaints left by disgruntled customers, visit these links: 

Read RushCard Reviews Consumer Affairs

Consider the complaint left on the Better Business Bureau’s site. 

Read the review on Unirush, RushCards parent company. 

RushCard App Reviews And Complaints

The reviews on RushCard are between 3 – 3.6 stars, depending on the app store you use. 

The Apple App Store gives RushCard a 3.6 stars rating based on two thousand ratings. 

Many customers mention problems loading checks and issues with their accounts fees. Issues with deceptive advertising, website problems, and issues getting their money. 

RushCards reviews are riddled with complaints. 

Read more reviews at this link:

Contact RushCard

To contact RushCard, call (866) 787 4227 or visit their contact page. You can click their “help” button to speak to a live agent through an online messenger. 


As I am sure, you can tell by now, most customers are NOT happy with RushCard and their services. 

Can RushCard improve? Absolutely. There is a lot of room for improvement but until definitive improvements are seen it may be better to research alternative prepaid debit cards. 

Thanks for reading. Hope you found this information helpful. 


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