How To Find Rushcard Load Money Locations

You have your RushCard prepaid Visa, you’re ready to add some money and go shopping. But how do you add money?

Can you just direct deposit money on your card? What about Paypal or Cashapp? Do those work?

MoneyPak works, but what’s a MoneyPak? 

Loading a prepaid card can be confusing and a bit annoying. So, how do you load a RushCard?

In this article I will answer those questions, explain the simplest way to add money to your RushCard, and provide alternative options. 

Keep reading to learn more. 

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Where Can I Reload My RushCard?

You can load your RushCard at participating retailers. 

Walmart, CVS, the Dollar Store, and KMart are some examples of participating retailers. 

Other location you can reload your RushCard are:

  • Walgreens 
  • Korger
  • Rite Aid
  • 7-Eleven
  • Family Dollar

You can also load your RushCard by using your bank account or the RushCard mobile app. 

Is It Easy To Reload A RushCard?

Loading a RushCard is relatively easy. The speed and ease at which you can load your card depends on the method you choose, your account, and whether or not you have the correct information. 

The options for reloading your RushCard are:

  1. Direct Deposit
  2. Electronic Bank Transfer
  3. Load With Cash
  4. Load A Check
  5. Load Using Modified Check

How Do I Reload My RushCard?

Direct Deposit

This option can be used to load a paycheck, benefits like Social Security, or tax refunds. 

You need to contact RushCard to request the information you will need to add to set up Direct Deposits. 

Call or email RushCard to learn more and confirm you have the correct information. 

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The direct deposit limit is $5,000 per check.

Electronic Bank Transfer

You can transfer up to $10,000 USD to your RushCard as long as your bank allows you to send that amount. 

Complete the transfer on your bank’s online banking page. Add your card number for the account number and add 021409169 as your routing number. Confirm with RushCard that your routing number is correct. 

This transfer can take 1-3 days. 

Load With Cash

You can add up to $1,000 in cash to your RushCard. Stores such as the Dollar Store, CVS, Walmart, and Kmart can allow you to add ash to your RushCard. 

The third party lender may charge fees. 

One third party loader is MoneyPak.


First of all, you will need to buy a Moneypak card. You can buy a Moneypak at a store within the U.S.A. About 50,000 stores currently offer Moneypaks. 

To find a participating store near you, click here. 

There is a flat fee of $5.95 to use Moneypak. Moneypak can only be purchased with cash. Credit and debit cards are not accepted. So, you will need to have cash ready in the amount you wish to send.

  • Then you will need to scratch off the number on the back of the Moneypak. This is your secure Moneypak number. 
  • Create a secure login on
  • Enter your personal information and identity verification. 
  • Enter the Moneypak secure number and the receiver’s debit card number to send the funds. 

After you purchase the Moneypak, you will need to wait 60 minutes before the Moneypak is ready to use. 

After you set up your account and transfer the funds it should be instant if you are sending money to a prepaid card, if you are sending money to a debit card the time will be affected by the bank’s schedule. 

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Load A Check

You can load a check using RushCards mobile app on an iphone or android. 

This option can take up to 10 days (with the no fee option) because your funds will not be available in your account until your check has been approved. 

If you choose the fee option which loads your check faster, the fee for this option is anywhere from 1 to 4 percent. 

Load Using Modified Check

To load a modified check, you would need to cash the check at a participating retailer and then use the load cash option. 

You could loans up to $1000 onto your Rushcard. The fee would be $3 to cash your check and a fee of about $3.75 to load your cash onto your RushCard.

Can I Use CashApp Or Paypal With RushCard?

You cannot use RushCard with Cashapp. It is currently not compatible. However, you can use RushCard with Paypal in some cases. 


So far, you cannot send money from a paypal account to your RushCard. BUT you can use a paypal account to send money to others and pay with your Rushcard. 


To transfer money to with paypal using a RushCard follow these steps:

  1. Log into your paypal account. 
  2. Select “Transfer Money”
  3. Choose the amount you want to send (OR add money to your Paypal balance)
  4. Enter the information of the account/person you want to send the money to
  5. Select “Send to a Friend or Family Member” if you are sending the money to a friend or family member
  6. Click “Send”

What Are The Fees To Reload My Card Or Move Money?

The fees you will pay depend on the type of RushCard account you have. 

If you have a RushCard Unlimited Plan, the fees you will pay when moving or adding money are shown below. Take a look.

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Card to Card Transfer Fee (to any other RushCard Member)$0.99
ATM Withdrawal Fee–Out of Network$2.50
Over the Counter Withdrawal Fee$2.50
Currency Conversion Fee3% of transaction amount
ATM Decline FeeNo Fee
ATM Withdrawal Fee–In NetworkNo Fee
Store Cash Back with PIN PurchaseNo Fee
Card to Card Transfer Fee (to/from your own RushCards)No Fee
Direct DepositNo Fee
Transaction FeeNo Fee
International Transaction FeeNo Fee

However, if you have a RushCard Pay As You Go plan, the fees will be slightly different. 

Take a look at this chart. 

Transaction Fee$1.00 each time you make a purchase
Card to Card Transfer Fee (to any other RushCard Member)$0.99
ATM Withdrawal Fee–Out of Network$2.50
Store Cash Back with PIN PurchaseIncluded in the Transaction Fee
Over the Counter Withdrawal Fee$2.50
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee$0.50
International Transaction Fee$2.00
Currency Conversion Fee3% of transaction amount
Monthly Fee (with direct deposit)No Fee
Monthly Fee (without direct deposit)No Fee
Card to Card Transfer (to/from your own RushCards)No Fee
ATM Withdrawal –In NetworkNo Fee
Direct Deposit No Fee
Cash (third party money transfer service fees may apply)No Fee
ATM Decline FeeNo Fee

How Do I Contact RushCard?

You should be able to contact RushCard 24/7 and speak to a customer service agent. Their customer service phone number is (866) 787-4227.

If you are already a customer, you should be able to log into your account and click the “help” button to speak to an agent. 

If you are not a customer you can click this link to visit RushCard login page. Click the “help” button and a message box will automatically pop up. You can communicate with an agent there. 


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