What is Rushcard Routing And Account Number

Using the correct routing number is very important when sending or receiving money through bank transfer or direct deposit. 

Do you know the RushCards routing number? If you have a RushCard account and plan to receive money from your employer or the government you need to know our account number and routing number. 

So, how can you find your account number? And what is the RushCard routing number?

In this article I will show you how to find your account number and provide two possible RushCard routing numbers. 

Make sure to contact RushCard directly with any questions and to confirm the routing number. 

Keep reading to learn more. 

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What Is My RushCard Account Number?

Your RushCard account number is also called a deposit ID number. 

This number can be used to receive deposits instead of giving out your debit card number. To get this number you can email RushCard at agent@rushcard.com or call 866 787 4227. 

How Do I Find My RushCard Account Number?

If you have already contacted RushCard to get your account number, make sure it is stored in a secure note either on your device or in a safe location. 

If you need to find your account number again, log into your RushCard account and go to your account information, you should be able to see your personal details and account number. 

If you have any issues, call or message a RushCard agent. 

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What Is My RushCard Routing Number?

The RushCard routing number is  073972181 or 021409169. Before you use the routing number, confirm with a RushCard agent directly that the routing number is accurate. 

You can find RushCards contact information at the end of this article. 

Make sure you enter or share this number correctly. Your employer will need to use this number when entering bank transfers or direct deposits. 

How Can I Contact RushCard?

Contact RushCardcustomer support team by calling RushCard at (866) 787 4227 or by visiting their contact page. 


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