Best Ways To Contact Rushcard

Are you trying to contact a RushCard agent to get a problem resolved? Calling a busy customer service line can be frustrating. 

Dealing with an automated voice message and waiting in the line for the “next available agent” is NOT how any of us want to spend our time. 

So, how do you contact RushCard? What is the fastest way to speak to an actual real life person! Can you text RushCard? 

In this article I will answer those questions and many more! Keep reading.

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Methods Of Contacting RushCard

To contact RushCard and speak to an agent or representative call (866) 787 4227 (1-866-RUSHCARD).

Other ways to contact RushCard include live chat, by mail, or by email. 

To contact RushCard by mail you can send a letter to RushCard PO Box 42484 Cincinnati, OH 45242. 

To contact Rushcard through web chat/online you can log into your account and click “Help” at the bottom of the webpage. This will automatically open up a chat box where you can get support. 

You can also contact RushCard through RushTEXT Alerts. RushTEXt alerts will send you a notification when purchases, deposit, or withdrawals are made on your account. 

If you are already a RushCard customer, you should have a RushCard support email which you can use to contact RushCard. 

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Contacting RushCard, What Works Best?

So, you have a lot of options to contact RushCard. But what works best?

Well, what do you need more? Do you want to contact an agent fast? Do you just have a simple question? Or do you need to send in personal information and documents?

If you need to speak to a live person about an issue or questions then using the online messenger may be best for you. 

You can visit RushCards website and within seconds message an agent about an issue on your account. 

If your question is simple, try visiting RushCards FAQs first. To find the RushCards FAQs you do need to log into your RushCard account where you can see their “extensive list of FAQs”. 

If you don’t find your answer then message or call an agent. 

If you need to send in personal information, you can do so online in your RushCard account or through a secure email. Confirm with a RushCard agent the method you should use to send in personal information. 

What Is The Wait Time When I Call RushCard?

When calling the number mentioned above, the average wait time is about 10 minutes.

View the current wait time and average wait time at this link: RushCard Phone Number | Call Now & Shortcut to Rep

What Is the Best Time To Call RushCard?

That number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The best time to call is around 9:30 am. 

How Do I Talk To A Real Person At RushCard?

When you call RushCard, if you are immediately greeted by an automated message or assistant, wait for the assistant to provide you with menu options. 

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Follow the prompts, if you want to talk to an agent immediately say “speak to an agent.” I do this all the time when I just want to talk to a person. Sometimes I need to say it 3 times before the assistant transfers me but it hasn’t failed me yet. 

The same applied when you are using the online RushCard messenger. Just type “speak to an agent”. 

What Number Do I Call To Activate My RushCard Prepaid Debit Card?

To activate your RushCard prepaid debit card, you call the number which can be found on the sticker on your RushCard when you receive it. 

If you do not see the sticker you can call 800-247-4109. 

Once you connect with the line you will choose a four digit PIN (Personal Activation Number). 

Continue following the directions to activate your card and account. 


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